SGML: meta2: Syntax for Dublin Core: paper available

meta2: Syntax for Dublin Core: paper available

"meta2: Syntax for Dublin Core: paper available

Syntax for Dublin Core: paper available

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Lou Burnard (
Mon, 22 Apr 1996 09:18:42 +0100

As promised here a week or two ago, a document is now available which
presents the recommendations on syntax for metadata discussed at Warwick
at the beginning of this month.

The document is titled "A Syntax for Dublin Core Metadata:
Recommendations from the Second Metadata Workshop" and its authors are
Lou Burnard, Eric Miller, Liam Quin, and C.M. Sperberg-McQueen.

You can find it in html at

It is also available in SGML (try Panorama on it!) at

The document summarizes a set of recommendations concerning the
representation of metadata, derived from discussion within the syntax
working group which met at the second Metadata Workshop, held at Warwick
University in April 1996. The discussion begun in Warwick has been
continued electronically by the current authors, and this paper presents
both the recommendations agreed on by the syntax working group in
Warwick and some further developments for which the authors alone are

Here's the executive summary:

* that recommendations be made showing how to use the HTML
<meta> element for Dublin-Core metadata; examples are included in the

* that a standard canonical syntax be defined for Dublin-Core metadata,
using SGML syntax. The working group defined no DTD, but a possible DTD
devised by the authors is included in the document.

Discussions in Warwick also led to an informal demonstration of how SGML
could be used as the mechanism for encoding the containers and metadata
packages foreseen in the Warwick Framework. A sample DTD for such
packages is included in the document.