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Mathematical Notation: Past and Future
Stephen Wolfram
Wolfram Research, Inc.

XML: From Math to SOAP
Robert Sutor


Formal Mathematics in MathML
Andrea Asperti, Luca Padovani, Claudio Sacerdoti Coen, and Irene Schena
Università degli Studi di Bologna

Typesetting MathML with xmltex
David Carlisle

Illinois DLIB Testbed Technologies for Converting Legacy Mathematics for Display on the Web
Timothy W. Cole, Thomas G. Habing, and William H. Mischo
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Indexing Mathematics with SearchFor
Stéphane Dalmas and Marc Gaëtano
INRIA Sophia Antipolos

Interacting with MathML's Content
Stan Devitt
Stratum Technical Services Ltd.

Implementing MathML in WebCT-Based Math Core Courses
Brian Finnegan and D. R. Rudisill
University System of Georgia

From LaTeX to MathML and Back with TeX4ht and PassiveTeX
Eitan M. Gurari and Sebastian Rahtz
Ohio State University and Oxford University

The Characters of Mathematics
Patrick D. F. Ion
American Mathematical Society

A Case Study of the Use of MathML at the U.S. Patent Office
Paul S. Karleen
Reed Technology and Information Services, Inc.

Using MathML to Describe Numerical Computations
Jian Li and G. Scott Lett
Physiome Sciences, Inc.

DHTML + Behaviors = MathML in Internet Explorer
David Massy
Microsoft Corporation

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Robert Miner
Design Science, Inc.

Generating MathML and Other ...ML from Omega
John Plaice and Yannis Haralambous
The University of New South Wales and Atelier Fluxus Virus

Interactive Multimodal Scientific Documents
T. V. Raman and Angel Luis Diaz
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

MathML in Mozilla
Roger B. Sidje
University Of Queensland

The W3C's MathML Validator
Neil Soiffer and Robert Miner
Wolfram Research, Inc. and Design Science, Inc.

Computing with Both Content and Presentation MathML in Mathematica
Neil Soiffer
Wolfram Research, Inc.

Handwriting Interface for MathML and Other Notations of Mathematical Expressions
Masakazu Suzuki
Kyushu University

Editing MathML on the Web with Amaya
Irène Vatton and Vincent Quint