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Developing SGML DTDs: From Text to Model to Markup, 1/e

[Published]December, 1995
Eve Maler, Burlington, MA
Jeanne El Andaloussi, Aubervilliers, France

Copyright 1996, 560 pp., Cloth (0-13-309881-8)


KEY BENEFIT: Document Type Definition (DTD) specifications form the foundation for every document based on the SGML language therefore DTD quality is too important to be left to chance. This helpful guide shows how to develop DTDs that work, based a proven methodology and techniques. KEY TOPICS: Explains how DTD development benefits from the same rigorous treatment as software development: Articulate project goals, analyze requirements, write specifications, design and implement readable and maintainable code using good programming style, perform thorough testing, and document the work along the way. MARKET: For writers, editors, and other subject matter experts; software developers and other DTD implementors; and publishing managers.
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