XML Nyuumon - Abstract in English

Murata Makoto, Atsuhito Momma, and Kyoichi Arai. XML Nyuumon [Introduction to XML. In Japanese]. Tokyo: Nihon Keizai Shimbunsha, 1998. Extent: 224 pages. ISBN: 4-532-14610-0. Details: see the Fujixerox Web site, or bookseller descriptions (1), (2).

This book decribes an overview of XML and related specifications such as RDF and DOM. The syntax of XML is presented, but the main focus of this book is XML as an kernel of the WWW and electronic publishing.

Using Jon Bosak's examples in his article "XML, Java, and the future of Web", the first chapter demonstrates limitations of HTML and introduces a metalanguage XML as a promissing solution. The second chapter describes CDF and OSD as XML applications. The third chapter gives an overview of XML language constructs. The fourth chapter gives an overview of XLL and XSL. The fifth chapter describes XML editors, browsers, database systems, formatters, converters, etc. The sixth chapter presents two small XML applications and demonstrates how they are constructed. The seventh chapter compares XML and other structured documents such as SGML: Advantages and disadvantages of SGML are summarized. Then, how XML overcomes these disadvantages is presented; in particular, the motivation of the namespace extension is described. The last chapter gives an overview of RDF and DOM. The first appendix gives I18N of XML.


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