Update XML-Grove-0.02

From null@ActiveState.com Sun Apr  5 16:16:31 1998
Subject: UPD: XML-Grove-0.02
From: Ken MacLeod <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>
Date: 05 Apr 1998 15:46:45 -0500


A new version of XML::Grove is available at

I added a few missing objects, XML::Grove::Entity and
XML::Grove::Comment (though they're not support by any parser module

I moved the `as_string' methods to an extender module
XML::Grove::AsString, and added options for filtering and alternate
entity reference substitution (i.e. for translating character entity
references to output formats).

I re-implemented my iteration and visitor classes as XML::Grove
extensions in XML::Grove::Iter and XML::Grove::Visitor.  (To
SGML::Grove users: there is no dependency on Class::Visitor.)

I have also posted HTML versions of the pods at the above URL, I would
appreciate any comments you might have on the ideas, the organization,
it's usefulness to you, whatever.

One of the biggest items I'm still mulling over is the class
hierarchy.  ::AsString, ::Iter, and ::Visitor are all extensions to
XML::Grove.  I'm thinking of creating empty classes for XML::Document,
XML::Element, XML::Entity, etc. and making XML::Grove a subclass of
those (to keep it seperate for a while, as I mentioned in a previous
message) and then making ::AsString, ::Iter, and ::Visitor extend
the XML::... objects.

I'm also thinking of making SGML::Grove subclasses of XML::Grove.
There's very little difference (targets on XML PIs, for example), but
it may be useful to keep them seperate.

  Ken MacLeod
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