Call for Papers - SGML Special Issue

From: (Ian Macleod)
Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml
Subject: Call for Papers
Date: 16 May 1994 04:52:11 GMT
Organization: Queen's University at Kingston
Distribution: world


The International Journal on the Development and Application
of Standards for Computers, Data Communications and Interfaces


John L. Berg
Harald Schumny


Special Issue on SGML

Guest Editor:

Ian A. Macleod
Department of Computing and Information Science
Queen's University
Ontario K7L 3N6

Phone: (613)-545-6059
FAX: (613)-545-6513

SGML (the Standardized General Markup Language) is an international
standard whose importance is rapidly growing.  It is fair to say that
the era of electronic text has finally arrived.  A large number of
potential text applications are seeking solutions, and there is
significant industrial interest in the technologies being developed in
the SGML context.

In view of the high importance of SGML, Computer Standards and
Interfaces is planning a special issue on this topic to be published in
mid 1995.  The goal is to collect papers incorporating important
advances in the field.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

-- Novel applications of SGML
-- SGML databases and information retrieval
-- Languages for accessing and manipulating SGML structures
-- Hypertext/Hypermedia
-- Entity management
-- Visualisation and SGML
-- Related standards and SGML
-- Converting legacy databases to SGML
-- Tools for developing and using DTDs

Papers should be sent to the address above.

They should be no longer than 25 pages double spaced in a font size
of at least 12 pouints.

31 August 1994: deadline for paper submission
31 October 1994: notification of preliminary results
15 December 1994: deadline for submission of revised papers
15 February 1995: Notification of final acception/rejection

1 April 1995:  deadline for having the paper to the publisher.