Inforium Technologies, Inc. Changes Name to LivePage Corporation

Inforium Technologies, Inc. Changes Name to LivePage Corporation

Waterloo, ONTARIO. September 16, 1998.

Inforium Technology, Inc. today announced that it has changed its name to LivePage Corporation. (See also the LivePage press release entitled "LivePage Corporation Announces F. David Boswell As Chief Executive Officer" dated this same day.)

"Our new name more closely reflects the essence of what we do," said Dave Boswell, president and CEO of LivePage Corporation. "It evokes the real-time nature that characterizes the content of pacesetting web sites. Overcoming the business problems associated with delivering live content is what LivePage does. With this name change, as we invest in promotion we'll be building brand equity in a name that uniquely describes our business."

LivePage Corporation

LivePage Corporation provides software designed to reduce the cost of content-base management in web and electronic publishing environments. LivePage addresses the demands of enterprises for delivering large, dynamic, business critical content-bases using standard web IT infrastructure and simple administration tools. LivePage addresses the environment where content is critical to the business, requiring the same data integrity and scalability as operational systems. As well as enabling web publishing, LivePage Corporation's products also enable publishing to mobile and occasionally connected machines, as well as publishing via CD-ROM and DVD.

LivePage Enterprise

LivePage Corporation's flagship product, LivePage Enterprise, uses the innovative Content Relational( storage model for storing tagged data (XML, HTML, SGML), leveraging the benefits of SQL database technology for corporate content assets. This addresses key issues in the deployment of large, business-critical web sites such as reliable distribution to multiple servers and support of multiple concurrent authors and content managers.

LivePage Corporation is located at 158 University Avenue West in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Additional information is available through the World Wide Web at, or via e-mail at, or at 1-519-885-2181.

LivePage, Content Relational, and LivePage ContentServer are trademarks of LivePage Corporation. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.


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