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The SGML Tagger

Richard Light

Ideal for both commmercial and academic use, SGML Tagger is the perfect software tool to save time and money in document preparation. Standardized General Markup Language (SGML) is used to add markup either to computer-based documents, as they are created, or to existing computer-based texts. SGML Tagger is loaded on top of word-processing software, and allows users to insert SGML markup accurately and efficiently, without the need to learn a specialized SGML editor. SGML Tagger works out what markup is allowed, and will only let the user insert a tag which is correct in that particular context. This means the package is equally suitable for use by novices and experts. An invaluable time-saving device for academics involved in evaluation of literary or historical texts, technical documentation departments, government departments, corporations, or industries producing journals and newsletters, SGML Tagger is the cost-effective solution to the problem of SGML markup.

DOS: IBM compatible PC with at least 640K free RAM in addition to that required by the word-processing software. Word-processor in DOS (text) mode with the facility to convert documents to ASCII files. NB.Please note that the SGML Tagger is not compatible with Windows, nor with the EDIT program provided with MS-DOS versions 5.0 or higher.

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