U.C. Berkeley Extension SGML Class Announcement

U.C. Berkeley Extension will be offering an introductory SGML class in the upcoming Spring semester. The class will be held from February 8 to April 11 on Thursday evenings in San Francisco.

For further information on course content, please contact the instructor at michael@textscience.com or 510/444-2962. For enrollment information, please contact U.C. Berkeley Extension Registration at 510/642-4111 or email to busmgmt.info@unx.berkeley.edu.

The course description follows below.


X433.1 (2 semester units in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences)

A new standard for the creation, storage, and interchange of text-based information, Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is changing the publishing industry. SGML software is now offered by major companies such as IBM, Microsoft, WordPerfect, Oracle, Interleaf, Frame, Xerox, and Fujitsu, and is being used by a wide range of information providers in industry and government. SGML is bringing traditional publishing together with other technologies, such as database, text retrieval, CD-ROM and online publishing, and multimedia.

SGML is the key underlying technology for the World Wide Web. It is helping publishing operations to streamline and automate document production and is critical to enterprises that want to move their publications onto the information superhighway.

This class should be valuable to individuals involved in the technical or management end of enterprise-scale document production. This includes the publishing industry as well as industries where producing information is a subsidiary activity. This class develops specific skills in high demand in the information industry through rigorous homework assignments, labs, and a case-study project.

Specific topics include concepts of electronic text processing, SGML authoring, creating document structure descriptions, public document architectures, SGML parsers, document and domain modeling of textual information, converting legacy data to SGML, SGML programming languages, online viewers, textual databases, structured text retrieval, structured document management and workflow, document semantics, hypermedia applications, the WWW and the Internet in relation to SGML, and information repositories. Enrollment is limited.

Class Format:

Approximately half the time for this class will be spent at hands-on activities with SGML software. An exceptional learning environment has been created in the new San Francisco facilities of the Extension. Students will have the use of Pentium computers in class and unlimited access to the software in U.C. lab facilities outside of class periods. Students will learn to use the following types of SGML software:

An in-depth project will teach students how to integrate tools and a repository architecture into a complete information system. Lectures will focus on design principles and giving students a base from which to master the technical detail of SGML and other information technologies.

Prerequisites: Comfort with Windows and proficiency with a word processor. Knowledge of desktop publishing is helpful but not required. This course involves some programming and lots of logical thinking, but prior experience with computer languages is not required.

Instructor: Michael Leventhal, BS-EECS, is Founder of Text Science, a firm specializing in electronic text- processing consulting and software development.

Note on special refund and transfer policy: As a limited enrollment publishing course that meets six sessions or more if you wish to drop the course after having enrolled you must make your request within two working days after the first class meeting by telephoning Registration at (510) 642-4111 in order to receive a transfer, tuition credit, or refund.

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