Legal XML Working Group

From Nick.Finke@Law.UC.Edu Wed May 13 11:21:41 1998
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 12:11:58 -0400
From: Nicholas Finke <Nick.Finke@Law.UC.Edu>
Subject: Legal XML Working Group

A small group has been formed to develop one or more model Document Type Definitions (DTDs) for the filing and exchange of legal documents using XML.

A description of the group from the web page of the Utah Electronic Law Project follows:

"The XML Work Group is a recently-formed virtual work group made up of individuals interested in exploring the use of XML standards as the basis for facilitating the electronic filing and exchange of legal documents. The group will function almost entirely in an electronic environment hosted by the Utah Electronic Law Project (UELP) ( using tools such as e-mail, chat rooms, threaded discussion forums, list serves and similar tools."

Individuals interested in helping with this work can contact either:

Brent Israelsen
IntelliQuest Technologies, Inc.


Winchel "Todd" Vincent
Georgia Courts

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