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From Fri Apr 24 15:10:46 1998
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 14:57:30 -0400

OmniMark Konstructor (TM) ships today--already being deployed by AGENCY.COM and other leading web developers

XML-enabled Internet development suite designed for high-volume, personalized web content management and delivery.

OTTAWA, Ontario - April 23, 1998 - OmniMark Technologies Corporation today announced that OmniMark Konstructor(TM) -- the first XML-enabled development suite to combine extended XML/hypertext support, rapid custom development, distributed processing, and intelligent load management for large-scale, personalized web delivery -- has ended its successful Beta testing and is now shipping commercially.

"OmniMark Konstructor is the Internet's most powerful development suite," said John McFadden, OmniMark Technologies President and CEO. "Our customers and partners -- such as The AGENCY.COM Network -- need to create branded, compelling on-line experiences, as well as the ability to repurpose content from multiple data sources for different audiences, browsers, push providers and new client technologies. Konstructor gives them that, and more."

He added that developers frustrated with Perl, C and other "build" tools will find that OmniMark Konstructor enables them to create more robust, maintainable and easier-to-deploy applications. As well, said McFadden, Konstructor allows developers to expand their web applications beyond the limitations of more "shrink-wrapped" tools, such as those offered by Vignette, Inso, Allaire, and others.

"Konstructor allows sites to break free from the constraints of traditional web development by combining the business value of XML and relational meta data with dynamic web application development tools," notes Chris Stevens, Senior Analyst with The Aberdeen Group. "The Konstructor product suite is well designed to allow publishers, retailers and other Web based businesses with extraordinarily large volumes of content to build applications to enhance core business processes."

With OmniMark Konstructor, web content can be synthesized for browser-specific HTML, plain HTML, PDF (in conjunction with a formatting engine), XML (to be processed by an XML/XSL-aware browser) -- or whatever format comes next. OmniMark customers, including The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, have taken advantage of Konstructor's flexibility, quickly supporting multiple web media and push technologies simultaneously.

As well, applications built with Konstructor can load repositories (such as relational databases) with incoming or newly-authored data, applying XML tagging as required. They also support any XML schema, including such emerging standards as OFX, CDF, ICE, and will be able to handle any future XML applications.

"Today, if you're developing a high-volume web site and you need dynamic, personalized content delivered in real-time, you are probably using Perl or C, and creating a maintenance nightmare," said McFadden. "OmniMark Konstructor is the first development suite that supports highly-scalable enterprise Web sites -- sites requiring complex content, high-quality individualized interaction, real-time integration of large volumes of hypertext and data, and dynamic, open-ended development. With Konstructor, developers such as those with The AGENCY.COM Network are amazed by the ease with which they can make changes once their applications are up and running."

The Konstructor development suite includes, at its core, the OmniMark Programming Language - an "unmatched content programming environment," according to McFadden -- in CI (command line interface) and SI (server interface) variations. It also includes a series of Developer Tools for rapid program development and testing; Connectivity Libraries for full legacy data integration; Open Web Relays for standard server integration; and a powerful new OmniMark Load Manager for intelligent, scalable high-traffic web delivery.

Enterprise pricing for OmniMark Konstructor starts at $60,000, depending on system configuration. OmniMark Konstructor runs on Windows NT and UNIX platforms.

About OmniMark Technologies Corporation

Founded in 1986, OmniMark Technologies Corporation makes the industry's most advanced server-side programming suite for managing and delivering personalized content on the Web. OmniMark is designed for the demands of large-volume, highly scalable web server applications. It enables organizations to build robust content management and delivery applications that provide dynamic content to meet the needs of the individual user. OmniMark is installed at over 1,000 companies in more than 35 countries worldwide. It provides high-quality interaction, integration of large volumes of text, data, graphics, hyperlinks and other objects, unlimited scalability and an open-ended growth strategy. The company is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices in France and the UK.

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OmniMark Technologies and The AGENCY.COM Network announce strategic partnership

Innovative online agency joins new Authorized Partners Program, and will promote OmniMark Konstructor(TM) as the "Web development tool of choice."

OTTAWA, Ontario - April 23, 1998 - OmniMark Technologies Corporation, maker of the industry's most advanced server-side programming suite for managing and delivering personalized content on the Web, today announced the signing of The AGENCY.COM Network as a new Premier Partner in the company's expanded Authorized Partners Program.

Launched officially on April 1 to augment an existing network of development partners, the Authorized Partners Program puts greater emphasis on forging strategic alliances that meet the Web needs of OmniMark customers worldwide.

The AGENCY.COM Network is the first partner announced as part of the new program.

Based in New York, with offices in Dallas and London, the company is a full-service interactive relationship management firm that designs and builds Web venues for a diverse group of Fortune 100 clients, including Air Miles, American Express, British Airways, GTE, Hitachi America, Lucent Technologies, MetLife and Monsanto. Last year, The AGENCY.COM Network formed an alliance with Spiral Media, also based in New York, and expanded its global presence by creating a strategic transatlantic investment partnership with London-based Online Magic -- the UK's largest and most innovative interactive agency. Online Magic is well known for its award-winning, creative productions on behalf of media and entertainment companies. Its clients include AOL, BMG Interactive, Boots the Chemists, Channel 4 Television, Economist Group, Showtime Networks, and Uncle Ben's, Inc. AGENCY.COM also recently established a presence on the West Coast, AGENCY.COM San Francisco.

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