Second Release of the Koala XSL Engine (XSL WD 1.0)

Date:     Wed, 09 Sep 1998 15:16:17 +0200
From:     Jeremy CALLES <>
To:       "" <>
Subject:  ANN: second release of the Koala XSL Engine (XSL WD 1.0)

The second release of the java Koala XSL engine is now available for download.

It now supports more matching patterns, more templates rules, more actions such as numbering, direct-processing, including stylesheets, ...

You can download it at:

or at:

It also contains some examples of stylesheet that conforms to the XSL Working Draft 1.0.

It contains an XML SAX parser made by P. Le Hegaret(koala team) and the DOM SDK 1.0 implementation from Don Park, and an example of XSL.



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