Practical Hypermedia: An Introduction to HyTime, 1/e

[Coming]May, 1996
William Eliot Kimber, Passage Systems, Inc., Mountain View, CA

Copyright 1996, 256 pp., Paper (0-13-309899-0)


KEY BENEFIT: This beginner-level conceptual overview of HyTime explains how HyTime is used both in traditional information processing applications and in multi-media/hypermedia applications. It sorts out the basic concepts from the confusing details in the HyTime standard, and shows readers apply how the standard can be applied relatively simply and easily to existing SGML and hypermedia applications. KEY TOPICS: Explains the role that SGML-encoded data plays in information management processing. Shows how to use HyTime addressing methods to locate all types of data; how to incorporate HyTime concepts and architectural forms into an application; how to define and use HyTime property sets to access data of any type; how to use anchor roles to define and describe the meaning of relations in an SGML application; and how to implement HyTime functions using the facilities of existing SGML-based products and systems. Contains an application specification for a small HyTime application, and includes samples of HyTime markup, descriptive illustrations, and problems. MARKET: For anyone involved with designing, creating, evaluating, or using SGML applications -- both users of systems who need to understand the concepts, and builders of systems, who need to apply the concepts. Previously announced in the August/September 1994 PTR Catalog.
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