New Release - JUMBO 2.0 Alpha

From Wed May 27 19:50:10 1998
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 01:39:52 +0000
From: Peter Murray-Rust <>
Subject: JUMBO2.0alpha

JUMBO2.0 is a Java-based freeware SAX-compliant XML browser/editor prototyping tool which tracks the emerging XML specs. It is a complete rewrite of JUMBO1 and has new functionality, especially for editing and exploration. It misses some of the JUMBO1.0 early adoptions such as namespaces, XSL, XML-DTDs, XML-LINK, Xpointer etc. which will be implemented as soon as the current drafts firm up. No further work on JUMBO1.0 is planned. (For masochists I am happy to make JUMBO1.0 source available).

JUMBO2.0 uses the SwingSet (JFC) 1.0.1, with SAX, and your parser(s) of choice. At present I have tested AElfred1.2, XP, Lark+DavidM's driver, DXP. (DXP is not yet SAX1.0-compliant and I haven't any news). I have not tested XML4J or MSXML.

JUMBO2.0alpha is an alpha release distributed with jumbo.jar, jumbo.*.java, sax.jar, aelfred.jar. You will need to install (and JDK1.1.5 or later).

As an application JUMBO2.0 runs many times faster than JUMBO1.0 and can read+display macbeth.xml or rec.xml in a few seconds. JUMBO2.0 is also written as an applet but its performance under NS4.0.5 (W95) was unacceptable (much slower than JUMBO1.0 as an applet) and the menus don't work. This may be my fault - I didn't spend very long. I haven't set high priority as an applet - but if anyone out there would like to have a tweak I'd be delighted :-)

JUMBO2.0 has only been tested on java+W95. I anticipate that there may be problems with filenames both with jview and also with UNIXes. Feedback is vital, please :-) I have no experience of Swing on other machines but I'm hopeful (after all JUMBO1.0 was fairly portable and it used AWT 1.02).

JUMBO2.0 is offered as a collaborative core for Java-XML based projects. It would be wonderful if it developed in the same way as Linux/tcl/LaTeX where the community add components. Its prime objective is not performance but adherence to specs, understanding XML, teaching/training/learning (A CDROM will be announced shortly), and especially the development of information components in technical subjects (math/chem/medicine, etc.). The next developments are likely to be re-used from JUMBO1.0 and will be:

Oh - I nearly forgot; JUMBO2 lives at:

Should be 213055 bytes. I know some people have found this site slow. I expect that the GNA ( - I've copied them in - will mirror it shortly. The file contains all source, javadoc for classes. jumbo.jar and some rather sketchy installation instructions. I have recently managed to tweak JUMBO so it edits nodes, attributes and content but that isn't yet written up. There is a jumbohelp.xml which displays on the menu [if you are in the right directory :-)] If you are an XML and Java novice, please be patient until the full release comes out - this is primarily to see if it installs and runs on a variety of platforms.


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