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GCA's SGML/XML Japan '98

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The Graphic Communications Association (GCA) and the Organization of Advancement Structured Information Systems (OASIS), both of which are American nonprofit organizations promoting the spread of the international standard SGML and XML, which is becoming an international standard, will hold SGML/XML Japan '98 at the Makuhari Messe, near Tokyo, from September 30 through October 3, 1998.

This joint exhibition-conference will be held in cooperation with Nikkei BP, Inc., the sponsor of World PC Expo '98. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see actual SGML- and XML-related technologies, services, and products, and conference participants will be able to get up-to-date technical information regarding the standards and to see demonstrations of how to apply them.

GCA and OASIS have previously held conferences, mainly in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Many Japanese experts attended XML conferences in Seattle (March 1998) and Paris (July 1998). Although some similar events have been held in Japan, they were intended for experts only. In contrast, SGML/XML Japan '98 aims at bringing about a better understanding of these standards among the public and creating a new environment suitable for applying the standards in developing an information infrastructure.

In Japan, some people have incorrectly been led to believe that XML will supersede SGML, and in this country there are few experts who have accurate knowledge of this field. It is expected that a series of regular SGML/XML conferences in Japan will accelerate the automation of SGML- and XML-based documentation in this country, raising it to the level of that in Western countries.

XML: Online technology

Since the W3C made an official recommendation concerning XML in February of this year, many software developers have been trying to apply XML as quickly as possible. Therefore, XML is likely to become widespread far faster than it had been previously. Of course, it should be noted that the explosive spread of the Internet and the limited functions of HTML are behind this trend.

The Graphic Communications Association (GCA) and the Organization of Advancement Structured Information Systems (OASIS), organizations that are promoting the spread of the SGML and XML standards, will hold SGML/XML Japan '98 at the Makuhari Messe, near Tokyo, from September 30 through October 3, 1998. Nikkei BP, Inc., the sponsor of World PC Expo '98, will join with those two organizations as a cosponsor. Visitors to the event will get a firsthand idea of SGML- and XML-related technologies, services, and products at the exhibition area, and up-to-date technical knowledge concerning the standards will be introduced at the conference through two seminars: the Technical Track and the Business Track.

The Secretariat for SGML/XML Japan is now accepting applications for presentations to be made at the conference. Please choose a presentation topic from the list that follows, and send us a summary of your presentation, keeping in mind the guidelines that are set forth below. We would appreciate your cooperation and support in promoting the dissemination in Japan of the SGML and XML standards.

SGML/XML Japan Secretariat

Application for Presentation at the Conference

Materials to be submitted

1. Title of the presentation

2. Your name and contact information (address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address)

3. Summary: approximately 800 characters in Japanese or 500 words in English

4. Brief synopsis for public relations materials

5. Track (Technical or Business) in which you wish to participate

6. Target audience of the presentation: business executives, digitization-promotion managers, digital-business facilitators, etc.

7. A brief personal history

Presentation Topics

1. Document Markup Languages

The present situation and expected future developments concerning SGML, XML, and HTML

2. Linking Languages

What are the benefits of HyTime and XLL?

3. Complementary Standards

Can EDI and STEP be used together with SGML and XML? What are their respective advantages?

4. Data Modeling and Content Management

What is the relationship between DTD and database schemes?

5. Industry Applications

Examples of implementation in various industries in the production sector (automobiles, communications, large-scale publishing, etc.) and case studies in specific industries

6. Products and Tools

Have the products used in integrated systems and SGML- and XML-related products entered the market mainstream?

A total of 60 minutes will be allocated for each presenter (4550 minutes for presentation and 1015 minutes for discussion and a question-and-answer period).

All presentations and discussions must be in the Japanese language.

Deadline: Applications must be received by us not later than 15:00 on July 24 1998.

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