SGML: SGML Workshops

SGML: SGML Workshops

From Wed Sep 18 13:51:23 1996
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 12:10:20 -0500
From: (Mike Petree)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: SGML Workshops

-------------------- Announcement for SGML Workshops ----------------------

ISOGEN INTERNATIONAL CORP. will offer their next Document Developer Workshop
starting Monday October 7th and running until Friday, October 11. This is an
entry level SGML Workshop that covers many of the issues confronting
any SGML implementor. Attendees will learn what SGML can do for their
organization and about the steps necessary for a successful SGML
application. Labs and exercises will include practical experience with
document analysis and DTD creation. This workshop offers a quick way to get
up-to-speed on what SGML is all about.
The Document Development Workshop will be followed by an Introduction to
Electronic Stylesheets in the  EBT environment, Monday October 14 to Thursday
October 17. This workshop consist of three and a half days of hands-on
experience starting with a quick introduction to the DynaText Browser and
carrying through to the creation of a suite of stylesheets for a
representative DTD.

These workshops are held in the historic West End of Dallas, Texas.
To register or for more information contact:
Mike Petree

SGML LearniSphere
2200 North Lamar
Suite 230
Dallas, Texas 75201
phone: (214) 953-0004 X 102
toll free: (800) 233-8393
fax: (214) 953-3152


From Wed Sep 18 14:46:32 1996
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 13:47:11 -0500
From: (Carla Corkern)
Subject: SGML and EBT Training


Document Developer Workshop 

ISO 8879 SGML is the only international standard for defining document
markup languages that allows work across tools, applications, and
operating systems. SGML has many important implications for anyone
involved in technical communications.

Workshop attendees will learn what SGML is all about, who is using SGML,
what SGML can do for your organization, and how to implement SGML.
Additionally, DDW attendees will be able to:

    * Get hands-on experience with document analysis and DTD creation.
    * Discuss on-line document delivery and various strategies for
      extending the value of the documents you create today.
    * Learn about success stories, as well as various industry initiatives
      for SGML standardization and how your company can get involved.

We will bring you information about conversion strategies, grass-roots
and upper management support building, and ways to realize incremental
cost benefits during the SGML implementation phase.

Stylesheet Development in DynaText

This workshop consists of three and a half days of hands-on experience
starting with a quick introduction to the DynaText browser and carrying
through to the creation of a suite of stylesheets for a representative DTD.

Document Developer Workshop - Outline
History of SGML
    What purpose it serves
    Evolution to date

SGML applicability
    Where the greatest economies are found
    Where it should and should not be used
    Identifying the greatest returns

Building an SGML application development team
    Identifying all stake holders
    Setting stake holders goals
    Delegating tasks

The Document analysis process
    Modeling your documents
    Re-engineering your documents
    Preparing your document schema for DTD creation

DTD development
    The SGML declaration
    SGML syntax review
    Creating a DTD

SGML tools 
    Input/output systems
    Viewing systems
    Management systems
    Conversion options

SGML implementation & maintenance
    Technical factors
    Human factors

SGML and beyond 
    Information management
    Document databases

Stylesheet Development in DynaText - Outline
Introduction to Stylesheets 
    DynaText publishing
    Style sheet concepts
    Introduction to InStEd

Creating Stylesheets
    Methodology and perspective
    Style definitions and property values

Specialized  Topics
    Table of content styles
    Formatting lists
    Links to text and non-text
    Using hypertext and program calls
    Techniques for print style sheets

Workshop Speakers

Earl Hood
Mr. Hood has designed and developed several popular public domain
SGML tools.  Earl has applied a variety of software development skills
to SGML applications in the computing, pharma-ceutical publishing,
and medical industries.

Zanetta Hancock
Ms. Hancock is a Consulting Engineer at Highland Consulting. Zanetta has
developed database authoring and publishing systems for customers in the
telecommunications and railroad industries. 

John Rice
Mr. Rice has experience in the development of industry models for the
Semiconductor Industry.  He has performed system analysis and modeling
services for clients in the automotive, publishing and medical industries. 


Document Developer Workshop - DDW
October 7 - 11, 1996. 
One Attendee              $1,575.00
Each Additional Attendee  $1,275.00

Stylesheet Development in DynaText - SDD
October 14 - 17, 1996.
One Attendee              $1,075.00
Each Additional Attendee  $875.00