ISO Character Entities and Their LaTeX Equivalents

Author:     Rune Mathisen
Date:       1998/09/07
Newsgroup:  comp.text.sgml, comp.text.tex 

We have been making documentation on the entity character sets given
in the ISO 8879 (SGML) standard. The aim is twofold:

(1) Provide the mappings necessary to translate
    SGML documents to TeX/LaTeX.
(2) Provide documentation on how the characters look
    by producing glyphs (using LaTeX of course).
    This will also work the other way around: it is actually
    a neat reference for LaTeX users needing some special symbol.

-- Almost all ISO 8879 mappings to LaTeX have been found.
   ISObox is missing.

Further work:
-- We are including mappings to Unicode.
-- We will add other character entity sets:
   ISO TR 9573-13, HTML-4, MathML
-- We want someone to help us write a database application (SQL)
   to sort and present the symbols for different purposes
   ...and replace SDATA fields in entity files.
-- We need help finding more documentation on
   -- font packages for TeX/LaTeX.
   -- other (public) character entity sets.


Any comments or suggestions are welcome! 
Please respond to <>.

Rune Mathisen <>
Vidar Gundersen <>