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IPNet Will Participate in Consortium’s XML Standardization Activities

NEWPORT BEACH, CA., November 3, 1998 – IPNet Solutions, Inc., a leader in Enterprise eCommerce solutions, today announced it has joined CommerceNet and will actively participate in the consortium’s XML standards activities. The move is consistent with the paradigm established by IPNet Solutions’ award-winning Enterprise eCommerce software: Solutions that work on any network using any standard or protocol.

"IPNet Solutions is committed to providing the market with interoperable Enterprise eCommerce solutions that support all trading partners requirements," said Donald E. Willis, Jr., CEO and Founder of IPNet Solutions. "Supporting CommerceNet and the new, dynamic XML protocol maintains our commitment to support all standards on any network. By doing so, we ensure ubiquitous eCommerce and business object communications."

"CommerceNet is pleased to have industry leaders such as IPNet working with us to promote interoperable electronic commerce solutions using XML," said Stacey Bressler, CommerceNet’s Vice President of Business Development. "Their suite of award-winning software clearly demonstrates the innovative and creative capabilities of CommerceNet members."

IPNet Solutions will participate in CommerceNet’s XML Exchange program as well as other consortium activities. IPNet is actively involved in other industry standards bodies, including UCC, DISA and the Microsoft VCI initiative.

About CommerceNet

CommerceNet is a non-profit industry association for companies promoting and building electronic commerce solutions on the Internet. Members include more than 500 companies and organizations worldwide representing the leading banks, telecommunications companies, online services, software and service companies, as well as end-users, who together are transforming the Internet into a global electronic marketplace. CommerceNet can be contacted at Tel: 650-858-1930; Fax: 650-858-1936; URL: http://www.commerce.net.

About IPNet Solutions Inc.

IPNet Solutions, Inc. develops and markets an Enterprise eCommerce solution to the Fortune 5000 marketplace. IPNet Solutions offers Enterprise eCommerce software that supports all trading partner transactions including traditional EDI, Internet EDI, Internet based Buying and Selling, as well as Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions including Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). IPNet’s products allow businesses to utilize Internet-based open solutions while continuing to leverage their investment in legacy systems and proprietary networks.

IPNet’s corporate headquarters is in Newport Beach, CA with regional offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta. For further information see IPNet’s web site at www.ipnet-solutions.com.

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