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Interleaf To Showcase 1st Commercially
Available Integrated Xml/Xsl Editor
At Spring Internet World ’99

BladeRunner Composer/Styler
Extended to Provide WYSIWYG Editing

SPRING INTERNET WORLD ’99, LOS ANGELES, CA - April 14, 1999 - Interleaf, Inc. (Nasdaq:LEAF) today announced that it will demonstrate the first WYSIWYG integrated XML/XSL editor at Spring Internet World ’99, Los Angeles Convention Center, April 12-16, 1999. Composer/Styler, a component of Interleaf’s BladeRunner e-content solution, is the first commercially available integrated XML/XSL publishing environment that meets the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) working draft standards and further demonstrates Interleaf’s commitment to the emerging XML and XSL information standards.

The XML family of standards, which is increasingly seen as a way of leveraging e-business, allows companies to dramatically increase the value, reusability and sharing of critical corporate information. BladeRunner provides for the universal creation of reusable content through Microsoftâ Word, combined with the power of XML-based structured content, to create dynamic, intelligent e-content for e-business applications.

“We believe XSL is the key to unlocking the real value of XML-based content on the Web,” stated Jaime Ellertson, Interleaf’s President and CEO. “XSL leverages XML by applying style format and controlling what is included in the output to turn static, non-intelligent information into the live, dynamic and intelligent content that will become the real differentiator for e-business content.”

XSL transforms XML according to its internal rules; different XSL stylesheets will transform the same XML content into output that can generate HTML, PostScript or even raw ASCII format, as well as control what is included in the output. This enables the same content to be re-targeted to any number of output media and be tailored to whatever level of specificity is required. BladeRunner’s Composer/Styler/Publishing component is an automated assembly, style, layout and publishing engine. Once an XSL stylesheet has been applied to an assembled XML container of content, a WYSIWYG view with editing capabilities allows the user to finalize content layout and presentation through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

One of the first companies to view Interleaf’s Composer/Styler is Practitioners Publishing Company (PPC), a leading provider of print and electronic resources for financial services professionals. PCC is also using the pre-release version of Interleaf’s e-content solution, BladeRunner, for the mass customization of accounting-related material. “PPC is very excited about the direction Interleaf is taking with its XSL-based Composer/Styler,” said Darren Kocur of PPC, a subsidiary of The Thomson Corporation. “People are used to seeing and manipulating stylized content when they are laying out documents. Interleaf’s approach provides the benefits of managing content void of style with a user interface that enables you to view and edit the combined results of XML elements and XSL stylesheets.”

Interleaf is a Member organization of the W3C and a participating representative in the XSL Working Group. Composer/Styler/Publishing will be available in June 1999 as an integrated module in BladeRunner.

About BladeRunner

Interleaf’s BladeRunner is the first complete enterprise content management solution that harnesses the power of industry standards such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and Microsoft Word to deliver the reusability and personalization benefits of structured information for Web-enabled business solutions. BladeRunner enables organizations to realize improved time to market, increase revenues and gain competitive advantage by providing a business-to-business system designed to leverage information content and facilitate business transactions throughout the information value chain that connects corporations with their customers, suppliers and distributors.

About Interleaf

Interleaf, Inc. provides enterprise-wide software solutions for content management and high-end publishing. These solutions provide Global 2000 customers with a distinct competitive advantage by enabling them to deploy document-based applications that improve their operating efficiency and customer satisfaction, while driving revenue and profitability. Interleaf’s software products make it easy for companies to assemble, manage, retrieve, distribute and publish business-critical information across the corporate enterprise and beyond. Interleaf is a public company listed on the Nasdaq National Market (Nasdaq:LEAF). Interleaf is headquartered in Waltham, Mass., with offices around the world. Information about Interleaf’s products is available from Interleaf Direct at 1-800-955-5323 or on the World Wide Web at http://www.interleaf.com.

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