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InterCAP Graphics Systems and ArborText Announce Integration of Intelligent CGM Graphics into Standards-based Structured Documents

Annapolis, Maryland, March 11, 1998 – InterCAP Graphics Systems, Inc., and ArborText, Inc., today announced the licensing and integration of InterCAP’s ActiveCGM file translation and viewing technology within ArborText’s ADEPT·Editor software for creating, managing, and publishing XML and SGML documents. The two companies will also work closely on joint marketing activities as part of the new relationship. The agreement and technology integration bring together two longtime enterprise publishing industry leaders that now offer a formidable standards-based solution.

"With the integration of our ActiveCGM Browser technology into ArborText ADEPT·Editor applications, users now have a robust solution, based on two leading technologies, to achieve true graphics interactivity inside their SGML and XML documents," said Dr. John Gebhardt, InterCAP’s Chief Technical Officer. "This is an important partnership that will advance the cause of standards-based publishing solutions."

ArborText, Inc., the world’s leading provider of content creation and management software for enterprise publishing systems, has been a pioneer in SGML-based and XML-based solutions. "We’re really excited about the capabilities that InterCAP’s ActiveCGM technology will add to our ADEPT applications," said Jim Sterken, president, CEO and founder of ArborText. "We’ve been committed to open standards publishing solutions for some time and this partnership will help us continue delivering long-lasting solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs."

ArborText’s ADEPT family of adaptable standards-based software allows users to create and maintain textual and graphic information as reusable elements independent of formatting, media, and computer software or hardware. Reusable document elements make document preparation and publication more efficient and effective in a wide variety of applications ranging from technical publications to website management.

CGM is the international standard interchange format for 2-D graphical data. It is an open, platform-independent graphical file format that permits the user to apply, store, and exchange technical illustrations and other graphical images regardless of vendor, application or hardware. Its structured format works smoothly with other graphics formats, while highly efficient graphical-encoded primitives provide the "parts" to construct illustrations. ActiveCGM is a family of profiles for CGM. The ActiveCGM profile family defines a methodology for adding hyperlinks, animation and other intelligence to standard CGM graphics. It is intended to leverage the extensive existing support for the CGM standard by defining how to "activate" CGM graphics so they can be easily published on the World Wide Web.

Customers using InterCAP’s popular ActiveCGM Author product can create version 4 CGM files complete with hotspot hyperlinks, added interactively or automatically. Inside ArborText’s ADEPT·Editor, text and graphics can then be combined and viewed within the resulting XML/SGML document using InterCAP’s ActiveCGM Browser.

About ArborText

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, ArborText develops and supports software that makes the process of capturing and delivering knowledge more effective. Global 5,000 organizations use the company’s products to author, catalog and reuse information stored in document databases.

In production use since 1991, ArborText software is the keystone of high volume document assembly systems at companies such as Boeing, Digital Equipment Corporation, Ford, Grolier’s Encyclopedia, Lockheed Martin, National Semiconductor, and Sun Microsystems.

For more information about ArborText’s products, consulting services and training programs, contact ArborText at +1 313.997.0200, send e-mail to info@arbortext.com, or visit the ArborText website at http://www.arbortext.com.

About InterCAP

InterCAP Graphics Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intergraph Corporation, develops and markets the world’s leading technical illustration software, Illustrator2 and Quik Edit, and the ActiveCGM Publishing Suite, a complete range of graphics software for the authoring and presentation of graphics content on the World Wide Web.

Founded in 1987, the company has been a leader in the development of graphics software for electronically creating, editing and managing technical graphics, and is a driving force in providing international standards-based solutions and services for technical publishers.

InterCAP is a major supplier of graphics software to a wide range of companies that include Caterpillar, Freightliner, Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, and Boeing. InterCAP is also a major supplier of software for the DoD JCALS standard publishing solution, as well as for Northrop/Grumman's J-STARS, Boeing-Bell-Allison V-22, and Lockheed Martin F-22 interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) for field maintenance.

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