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Inso Corporation Acquires Synex Information AB

BOSTON, March 11, 1998 - Inso Corporation (Nasdaq: INSO) today announced that it has acquired Synex Information AB, of Stockholm, Sweden, through a purchase of all the stock of its parent, ViewPort Development AB, for $2,500,000. Synex is the developer of the Synex ViewPort browser engine and related application development toolkits for the viewing of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) information. Synex will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Inso, and will continue to operate from its headquarters in Stockholm. The founders and employees of Synex will become part of the Inso Electronic Publishing Solutions development organization.

"The addition of the ViewPort product and the outstanding development team that created it expands the scope of the electronic publishing solutions Inso can offer, particularly in the interactive electronic technical manual (IETM) market," said Graham Marshall, General Manager of Inso Electronic Publishing Solutions. "Inso now has the ability to offer an even broader range of solutions for the technical publishing market, including the extensive customization available through ViewPort's robust applications programming interface. We also believe that the extensive experience of Synex's development team with SGML and XML (eXtensible Markup Language) will contribute to Inso's technical leadership in electronic publishing solutions in the future."

"We at Synex are very enthusiastic about joining Inso's advanced development team," said Hasse Haitto, President of Synex. "We believe that the combination of ViewPort and Inso's DynaText and DynaWeb can provide customers with the most flexible electronic publishing solutions available. We expect that the Synex team can make important contributions to the development of new and advanced solutions."

The transaction will be accounted for as a purchase. The acquisition includes certain technology under research and development, which is to be written off with a one-time charge, estimated to be between $1.8 and $2.2 million, to Inso's consolidated 1998 first quarter earnings.

Inso Corporation (Nasdaq: INSO) is a leading provider of dynamic electronic publishing and information sharing software products that operate in environments ranging from computer desktops to the Internet. The Company markets its products to major corporations, government agencies, and end users, as well as to original equipment manufacturers of computer hardware and software.

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