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AT&T WorldNet Licenses Inso’s DynaBase Integrated Web Publishing System for Developing and Managing Web-based Customer Support System

BOSTON, February 4, 1998 – Inso Corporation today announced that AT&T WorldNet Service, the largest direct internet service provider (ISP) in the US, has licensed Inso’s DynaBase Dynamic Web Publishing System to develop an innovative, Web-based customer support system. DynaBase is an integrated Web publishing system that provides an efficient solution for developing, managing, and dynamically publishing high-impact Web content.

AT&T WorldNet, the first ISP to license DynaBase, will benefit from the product’s team publishing environment, its capability to dynamically generate personalized information based upon a member’s user profile, and its support for eXtensible Markup Language (XML), an important new Internet publishing standard. These DynaBase capabilities will enable WorldNet end-users to perform more accurate content searches of the WorldNet Website, as well as enable faster access to up-to-date information that can be created "on-the-fly" for individual end-users.

"Excellent customer care is one of the key reasons so many consumers are turning to AT&T WorldNet Service," said Anastasios Tsolakis, Division Manager, AT&T WorldNet Service. "Inso’s DynaBase will further enhance the value of our customer care by enabling us to improve the quality and consistency of information we provide our members. In addition, it will enable us to reduce costs and cut publishing time, and it’s important to us that it supports personalized information delivery and emerging publishing standards such as CDF and XML."

DynaBase’s XML support includes the ability to index, search, and write scripts for use with the new markup language. DynaBase allows publishers to define their own markup tags which, for example, can be used to drive Microsoft’s Channel Definition Format (CDF), the first mainstream XML application.

"We are very pleased that AT&T WorldNet Service has licensed DynaBase for a Web-centric, mission-critical business application," said Kim Shah, General Manager for DynaBase at Inso Corporation. "We are also pleased that DynaBase’s support for XML, which we expect to be a critical content delivery standard, was important to AT&T. The licensing of DynaBase by such a savvy organization illustrates the product’s superior engineering, architecture, and flexibility."

DynaBase offers two main capabilities -- sophisticated content management and powerful dynamic publishing. For content management, DynaBase includes the Data Server, a secure, version-controlled repository for Web site components that keeps site content well organized and managed, while also enabling remote access to the production environment. The DynaBase Data Server includes a built in object-oriented database for storing all forms of Web content including HTML, graphics, scripts, applets, and other media.

DynaBase’s dynamic publishing environment constructs highly functional, animated Web pages on-the-fly, from any combination of data types such as HTML, graphics, applets, or multimedia files, as well as from sources such as relational databases. DynaBase provides either real-time or cached delivery of content and executes Visual Basic-compatible scripts that dynamically generate high-impact Web pages.

DynaBase 2.1 is currently available on Microsoft Internet Information Server running Windows NT 4.0 and Netscape Enterprise and FastTrack Servers running Windows NT 4.0 and Sun Solaris 2.5. For teams operating in large enterprises, starting pricing for a DynaBase installation is $49,995. Call Inso at 800-733-5799 for specific pricing and configuration information. For additional information visit the DynaBase area of the Inso Web site at www.inso.com.

AT&T WorldNet Service (www.att.net) is the largest direct Internet service provider in the United States, serving more than one million members. It has designed a unique service that enables customers to get to and use material from leading content providers in a way best suited to each individual’s needs. AT&T WorldNet Service was selected as the top Internet service provider by Smart Money (5/97) magazine, which cited the service’s outstanding reliability.

Inso Corporation (Nasdaq: INSO) is a leading global supplier of software solutions for sharing and publishing electronic information. Inso provides solutions for effective distribution of all forms of electronic information, from the simplest memo to the most complex technical manual, in environments ranging from computer desktops to the Internet. Through integration in the world’s most popular software products, bundling agreements, and distribution channels, Inso technology is installed on over 70 million desktops worldwide. Information about Inso and its products can be found at www.inso.com.

Inso Corporation (Nasdaq: INSO) is a leading provider of software products that help people create, access, and distribute electronic information in environments ranging from computer desktops to the Internet. Inso's products are designed to address electronic publishing markets worldwide. The company markets its products to original equipment manufacturers of computer hardware, software, and consumer electronics products, as well as to major corporations, government agencies, and end users.

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