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American Century Investments offers customers
Online Investment Tracking via Quicken 98

Innovision Financial Server is key product behind new service

LENEXA, Kan. (June 18, 1998) - American Century Investments of Kansas City, Mo., recently announced it now offers Online Investment Tracking service for its customers via Intuit's Quicken 98. Powering the tracking service is the Innovision Financial Server - the industry-leading financial protocol server for the financial services industry.

Online Investment Tracking allows Quicken users to connect directly with their American Century account information via the Internet through the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) protocol. Investors can safely and easily access transactions, balances and holdings.

"Online Investment Tracking provides our customers with the convenience of consolidating and tracking their personal finances all in one place, at any time," said Greg Markovich, vice president and director of technical sales, American Century. "The Innovision Financial Server provided us with the opportunity to securely extend online account access capabilities - currently available through the American Century Web site - to our Quicken users."

Customers can link to American Century's Online Investment Tracking service by following the instructions prompted by their Quicken software. The software contacts American Century's OFX server - the Innovision Financial Server - and retrieves the appropriate account information. The data is then passed back through the Internet to the customer for viewing.

Investors who have enabled their American Century accounts for online access will be able to view individual, IRA, 403 (b), SEP-IRA and SARSEP-IRA accounts with this unique investment tracking service. In addition, customers can download transaction histories, current share prices and market values.

"The Innovision server product has helped American Century put a technology infrastructure into place that will allow us to move quickly and capitalize on future opportunities," said Jay Green, senior interactive marketing specialist, American Century. "Online Investment Tracking is the first of many opportunities we foresee allowing consumers to openly transact and transmit financial data across the Internet."

American Century chose the Innovision Financial Server because it is the only Java financial server that offered them immediate functionality for XML-based open financial protocols including OFX. The scalable, XML-protocol server is highly configurable and offers the most complete and easily deployed solution available. It delivers an elegant single integration/multiple protocol solution for enterprises deploying network-centric applications that rely on open connectivity standards.

To complement the server, Innovision offers a client toolkit product. The toolkit provides an easy-to-use, thin-client development technology that works within new and existing Web applications.

"The Innovision financial product line conquers the challenge of integrating once to achieve interoperability and usability through multiple protocols and technologies," said Bill Cary, Innovision president. "Our core architecture simplifies integration complexity and lowers the total cost of ownership."

American Century Investments, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, was formed as a result of the merger of Twentieth Century Mutual Funds and The Benham Group. Through its broad selection of more than 60 mutual funds, the Kansas City, Mo.-based company manages approximately $72 billion in assets for nearly two million individual and institutional investors. James E. Stowers Jr., founder of Twentieth Century in 1958, serves as company chairman. James E. Stowers III is chief executive officer; William M. Lyons is president and chief operating officer.

In addition to American Century, other financial services companies that have licensed Innovision technology include Discover Brokerage Direct, NOVUS Services and T. Rowe Price.

Innovision Corporation is a leading developer of software solutions for open financial protocols providing application-to-application exchange over the Internet. The cornerstone of the Innovision strategy is to design industry-leading products that arm financial institutions with effective solutions and a competitive edge. For more information about Innovision or its financial product line, please call (913) 226-8700 or send e-mail to ofx@innovision.com. The Innovision Web site is located at www.innovision.com.


For more information contact:
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