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Innovision Announces Support for
OFX 1.5 and converged OFX/GOLD Standard

XML-based architecture allows rapid support for new financial standards

LENEXA, Kan. (April 21, 1998) – Innovision Corporation announced that versions 1.5 of its client toolkit and financial server products will be available this summer. The new versions will provide full support for Open Financial Exchange (OFX) Version 1.5. The company will also support the converged OFX/Gold standard when it becomes defined later this year.

"Our customers are ready to maximize the functionality originated with OFX," said Bill Cary, Innovision president. "Rather than take a ‘wait and see’ attitude, we started working months ago using XML to extend our technology. As a result, we will deliver versions of our client and server products that support OFX 1.5, the converged OFX/Gold standard plus emerging protocols as early as this summer."

The Innovision Financial Server and Client Toolkit – which were among the top tier of OFX products to fully support OFX Version 1.0.2 – are based exclusively on object-oriented design utilizing Java, CORBA and XML technology. The XML architecture Innovision builds into its core technology allows the company to quickly adapt to new and custom OFX specifications as well as to emerging financial protocols.

"It’s simply a matter of defining the protocols," Cary said. "The fact that we support new standards very quickly speaks to the power of our underlying concepts."

Financial institutions licensing Innovision’s technology include T. Rowe Price, Discover Brokerage Direct, NOVUS Services and American Century Investments. With the Innovision Financial Server, Discover Brokerage Direct was the first institution to offer customers "live," OFX-enabled access to their account information through industry-leading personal financial management (PFM) software products.

Innovision Corporation is a leading developer of client and server solutions for open financial protocols providing application-to-application exchange over the Internet. The Innovision product line adapts to and supplements existing back-end systems while connecting with current and emerging protocols.

For more information about Innovision or its products, please call (913) 226-8700 or send e-mail to ofx@innovision.com. Financial institutions can request an online demonstration of the Innovision Financial Server and/or Client Toolkit by visiting the Innovision Web site, located at www.innovision.com.