InfoPrism -- A General Document Processing System

Author:  Stefan Hornburg
Date:    1998/09/03
Groups:  comp.text.sgml 

InfoPrism -- A General Document Processing System

The home page for this package is:


InfoPrism is a general document processing system that translates SGML
source files to different output formats like HTML, Texinfo, LaTeX and plain

In addition to plain old SGML documents InfoPrism handles so-called SGML
scripts as well. These are Tcl scripts using additional commands for
document creation. The commands are
   * counterparts of SGML elements (e.g. `ul', `pre').
   * shortcuts for multiple SGML elements (e.g. `liwul').
   * simulate SGML facilities (e.g. `include').
Examples can be found in the 
`sgml' subdirectory of the distribution.


The current version of InfoPrism is 0.0.2. It is not tested by anyone but me
and documentation is not as good as required for a decent package. However,
it works for me (at least the SGML to HTML translation and scripting

System Requirements

   * SGML parser (tested with `sgmls' 1.1.91 and `nsgmls' 1.1.1).
   * [incr Tcl] 3.0a1 or above.
   * Jultaf 0.0.4 or above, configured with [incr Tcl] support.


Run `./configure', `make' and `make install' in the source directory. By
default [incr Tcl] library scripts and SGML files are installed in the
directory /usr/local/share/InfoPrism0.0.2, the GNU Info file as
/usr/local/info/ and HTML documentation in the directory


InfoPrism is distributed under the terms of the GPL. Please contact me if
this keeps you from using InfoPrism.

Comments & Bug Reports

Feel free to send any comment or bug report to <>.
InfoPrism is likely to improved depending on users feedback.


   * TODO document added
   * Dangling document nodes fixed.
   * Texinfo translator adds `@setfilename' and support for `install-info'.
   * New feature `bibliographies'.

SGML Scripting

   * Inclusion of inferior scripts with the `include' command.
   * Hide results of script commands.
   * Error messages aren't added to the document text anymore.
   * Unsafe characters are treated appropriately.
   * New commands `ent' and `stylesheet'.
   * Documentation for `example', `ol' and `pre' added.


   * New element `<STYLESHEET>'.


   * New option `ext info'.


   * Document source files are installed too.
   * Targets `uninstall-itcl' and `uninstall-html' fixed.


   * File `sgml/bugs.sgml' removed.

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