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InDelv TI

XML / XSL editor


August 21, 1998

InDelv, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a new XML product - InDelv TI. This software is being made available as a Technology Introduction (TI), or early release. The intent is to involve active developers and end users in the process of deciding how an XML / XSL editor should behave, while not waiting endlessly for final drafts of the underlying standards.

Major features and capabilities

Technical limitations


How to find out more

For the latest information on these tools, please visit our web site at www.indelv.com.

[Note: Rob Brown presented information on InDelv's development effort in "InDelv WYSIWYG XML/XSL Editor" at the XML Developers' Conference in Montréal, August 21, 1998. The PowerPoint slides from Rob Brown's presentation are available online. -rcc, 19980827]