Iceni Technology Ltd - TEP Version 1.5

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 09:02:42 -0600
From: Ian Haywood <>
Subject: [PDF-ANC] PDF to XML Plug-In


Iceni Technology Ltd today announced the release of TEP Version 1.5 which generates XML from the content of PDF's.

With the increasing use of PDF, Iceni foresee the need to be able to re-purpose the content of PDF documents. By providing a tool to extract and re-format the content of PDF's, Iceni are seeking to increase the use of PDF for transmitting and archiving data. The new all digital workflows being developed around PDF will require that it is easier to re-use the content of a PDF.

Free demo software is available on

The TEP (Text Extraction Plug-In) V1.5 is an updated and improved version of Iceni's successful plug-in to Acrobat Exchange.

The software is provided with a standard XML configuration,but can also be configured by the user to generate the XML desired.

'Hot' folders are used with a spooler to provide a combination of process automation and high productivity. The product is ideally suited for use as a departmental server solution. Simply choose the Input and Output folders, just like using Distiller.

TEP is available for Acrobat Exchange V3 or higher on Windows95 and NT.

Ian Haywood
Iceni Technology