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IMPP Common document - Issues list

This document lists the current open and closed issues on the IMPP Common document.
The list is relative to draft-mrose-impp-common-00.txt; if anything is not mentioned here, the current text of the document is assumed to be group consensus.
Issue Resolution (or suggestion) Status
1. Security: Threat models not described ? Open
2. Security: Common message securing function Use any MIME security mechanism
(Graham suggested text)
3. Security: Mandatory-To-Implement Reception of multipart/signed
Sending of S/MIME multipart/signed (STRAWMAN)
4. Addressing: user@domainid, not user@host RHS of address identifies a naming context. Common gives a default resolution mechanism - individual protocols/networks can use other mechanisms
(Graham suggested text)
5. Is I18N properly supported? XML gives adequate support for message content.
Local parts of identifiers can contain UTF-8 strings.
I18N of domain names follows IDN WG work.
6. Payload format for instant messages XML minimum DTD + extensibility
Note: Extensibility may not be well defined
7. Payload format for presence information XML - DTD to be defined Open
8. Operation format and semantics - are they well enogh defined? ? Open
9. Access control - does it need definition? No, but "not allowed" is a legal error Open
10. Gatewaying - explicit definition of what gateways do ? Open
11. Routing loop prevention in common resolution (2.2.13) Recognize self in list, and send only to lower priorities (equivalent of MX rule) (Graham suggested text) Open