New Site Devoted to IETM Information

Subject:      New Site Devoted to IETM Information
From:         Betty Harvey <>
Date:         1998/07/11
Newsgroups:   comp.text.sgml 

At SGML/XML 97 in December in Washington a nocturnal session was held to discuss Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs). One of the major themes that was brought out in this session by individuals developing IETMs was the lack of available information on the IETM standards and implementation and need to disseminate and have accessibility to more information about development of IETMs.

I said in that meeting that I would take action to create a WWW site devoted to the dissemination of IETM information. This has finally happened. There is a new WWW site ( devoted to putting information and pointing to information on-line on IETMs.

I would like to thank Wanda Slothower of my staff for gaithering and categorizing the WWW links that are currently available on this site. Wanda has done an incredible job!

Many people at the nocturnal offered to help keep this site dynamic and up-to-date. I solicit support for this effort.

Currently is sitting on an older system but will be moved to a faster machine when the system configuration is completed. Hopefully, you won't notice any problems during the reconfiguration period.


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