IETM - How to Create an IETM

Date:  1998-09-09
From:  Betty Harvey
To:    comp.text.sgml

In article <>, Changhoon says...
>Does anyone know how to make IETM from SGML data files?
>thanks for any answer


   There are degrees of IETMs.  It is possible to take your raw SGML
data and create an Electronic Technical Manual (ETM).  There are tools
today that allow you to take your SGML files and create an ETM.  These
tools allow the end user to browse, do some hyperlinking and navigate
through the data.

   All IETMs aren't equal.  The U.S. Navy grappled for a long time with
how to talk about degrees of IETM's.  They devised the Class system for
identifying the different functionalities of IETMs
(  Even talking about
the classes of IETM's functionality crosses the lines.

  According to the Navy's definition of IETM classes SGML data
is classified as a 'Class 3' IETM.  However, you can do things
with your Class 3 IETM to have it function like a full-blown
Class 5, i.e., connect it directly to the piece of equipment
for remote diagnostics, add some artificial intelligence,

  A Class 4 IETM (according to the U.S. DoD specification) has
been authored to the IETM specification (MIL-PRF-87269).  The
MIL-PRF-87269 contains a rather complex DTD that allows the
authoring of intelligent data, as well as behavior of the data.
It is really 87269 that adds the 'Interactive' into IETMs.
In simple terms it allows the IETM to interact with the technician
by asking for input, receiving input and making decisions based upon the

  A Class 4 IETM is expensive to create.  If you aren't contracturally
bound by MIL-PRF-87269, you can modify your current DTD to allow
fault-tree diagnostics and procedural information only when it is
relavent to a maintenance procedures.  75% of a technical manual falls
outside the realm of procedural information and doesn't require the
tagged complexity of MIL-PRF-87269.

  At the SGML conference in Washington last year a 'Birds of a Feather'
session was held.  At this meeting it is evident that there was a
real lack of 'public information' pretaining to IETMs.  I have created
a web site ( that contains links to information
concerning IETMs.  There is lots of good links and information
available from there.


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