ICE 1.0 Specification

ICE 1.0 Summit to Unveil Complete ICE Specification, Showcase the Future of Web Business

Vignette, CNET, Sun, National Semiconductor, News Internet Services, Among Companies to Discuss Building Internet Value Networks

San Francisco, California. October 1, 1998.

Top executives from leading companies comprising the ICE (Information & Content Exchange) Authoring Group will convene on Tuesday, October 27, 1998, in San Francisco for the ICE 1.0 Summit: Building Internet Value Networks. The summit will offer presentation of the complete Information & Content Exchange 1.0 specification, a revolutionary standard designed to facilitate the controlled exchange and management of electronic assets between networked partners and affiliates, as well as discussion on ICE's key role in the future of the electronic economy.

The event will highlight the impact that ICE, one of the first practical business applications of XML, will have in creating the next generation of commercial Web applications, syndicated publishing networks, Web superstores, and online reseller channels, that are designed to dramatically reduce the costs of doing business online.

Guest speakers include Jon Bosak, online information technology architect at Sun Microsystems, and chair of the XML Interest Group. Other featured speakers will discuss the future of Internet value networks in electronic commerce. ICE Authoring Group members will also be present to detail the various ways that the standard can allow Web businesses across a wide range of industries to increase the value of strategic business relationships, broaden customer reach and create new networked revenue.

ICE 1.0 Summit: Building Internet Value Networks

DATE: Tuesday, October 27, 1998

TIME: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Hotel Monaco
501 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

About ICE

Information & Content Exchange (ICE) is a protocol designed to significantly reduce the cost of doing networked business online and increase the value of business relationships by facilitating the controlled exchange and management of electronic assets between networked partners and affiliates. The ICE specification provides businesses with an XML-based common language and architecture that will facilitate the process of automatically exchanging, updating, supplying and controlling assets (content) without manual packaging or knowledge of remote Web site structures. For businesses, ICE will make it easier to build value chains from suppliers to distributors to end-users. For consumer Web sites, end users benefit from more complete and easier to use Web destinations that reduce the frustration of having to surf through many inadequate, narrowly focused Web sites in order to find what they need.

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Please note, attendance is by invitation only.


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