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alphaWorks Delivers Nine New XML Technologies Free for Developers

Chicago, November 16...At XML '98, IBM's alphaWorks, which provides direct access to IBM's emerging technologies, posted nine new XML tools to support the emergence of the new standard in data integration and interchange. These new technologies are part of alphaWorks' growing collection of XML tools that support the needs and objectives of developers as they explore developing applications based on the XML standard. To demonstrate XML's potential to improve data exchange across the Internet, these technologies will be showcased at XML '98.

XML is an important tool in e-business. Already in use in a number of commercial Web applications, XML is designed to make online information "smarter" -- that is, easier to find, categorize, and customize -- via tags that identify certain information within a document.

IBM's new XML tools and applications are posted at www.alphaWorks.ibm.com for free download. In addition, a CD containing the technologies will be available this week at XML '98. The nine new XML technologies include:

BML (Bean Markup Language)

Bean Markup Language (BML) is an XML-based language for accessing and configuring JavaBeans. The BML language can be used to create new beans, access and configure beans by setting/getting their properties and fields, bind events from some beans to other beans, and call arbitrary methods in beans

There are two components of BML: an interpreter that "plays" a BML script to create the desired bean hierarchy; and a compiler that compiles any BML script into reflection-free Java code. The language is directly executable, so processing a BML script will result in a running application.

XML Editor Maker

The XML Editor Maker automatically builds visual editors from XML schemas (e.g. DTDs). Given a DTD, the Editor Maker builds a Java editor that can be used to edit XML documents. The Editor Maker is a Rapid Application Development Tool that can be bundled with any application that uses XML, and liberates the user from having to understand XML syntax and schema for creating XML documents.


DataCraft provides an XML view of databases and enables the publishing of XML forms to the web. This visual and navigational query system is based on XML and RDF (Resource Description Framework). Datacraft offers database administrators or web developers a visual development tool for building queries and publishing the results. The current implementation is built for IBM's DB/2 and Microsoft Access.

Dynamic XML with Java

Dynamic XML with Java adds XML power to server-side Java (JSP) and Java-based work flow applications. It is a processor which allows developers to seamlessly integrate Java into XML documents by automatically transforming and interpreting XML files which contain Java code.


PatML is a pattern match and replacement system for transforming XML documents to XML or non-XML documents. The user specifies a set of rules for pattern matches and replacement, and the system automatically compiles these rules such that any given XML document can be transformed based upon these rules. PatML seamlessly incorporates Java so that the user can embed Java code into the rules.


TeXML is an XML document formatting solution. It provides a path from XML into the TeX formatting language. From there, users may process to PostScript or another print format.

XML Bean Maker

XML BeanMaker eliminates the required writing of Java classes to process XML documents. The XML BeanMaker automatically generates Java bean classes for any given Document Type Definition (DTD), and code to provide evidence in support of those beans. These classes can be seamlessly integrated within an application. XML BeanMaker enables quicker development of applications and allows the programmer to convert passive specification and data to classes and objects.

XML TreeDiff

XMLTreeDiff is a package of beans that provide the ability to efficiently differentiate and update DOM trees, just like "diff" and "patch" differentiate and update data files.

XML Productivity Kit for Java

XML Productivity Kit is a companion technology to the XML Parser for Java, which provides the next level of programming resources needed to quickly build and deploy robust XML applications using the Java language.

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