New Technologies released on alphaWorks

Subject:   alphaWorks Technologies from IBM Research 
Date:      1998/12/21
Forums:    alt.html, comp.groupware, comp.text.sgml


LotusXSL implements an XSL processor in Java, and can interface
to APIs that conform to the October 1 Document Object Model (DOM)
Level 1 Specification. The processor can be used from the command
line or from an wrapper applet, or it can be used as a submodule
of other programs, and accessed via the API.

Secure Mailer

IBM is making Secure Mailer available for commercial
deployment on an extremely liberal open source license.
Feel free to use Secure Mailer in the same way you use
sendmail today.


The KeyedCollection Bean Suite is a set of non-visual beans,
which can be used to model an environment that consists of a
keyed collection of elements. These beans provide an easy and
efficient method of storing, retrieving and manipulating the


Updated Technologies on alphaWorks

Remote AWT for Java

Remote AWT for Java implements all AWT APIs without
using any native code and in a client-server fashion that
is transparent to the Java application.

Changes incorporated in this update
Major enhancements are Netscape
integration and better stability.

TFTP Server for Java

IBM TFTP Server (TftpSvr) implements the Trivial File
Transfer Protocol (TFTP) as a server process. It allows
TFTP clients running on any host to read and write files
to the server.

Changes incorporated in this update
New version 1.16 with reliability
and error reporting enhancements.


Jikes is a Java compiler that translates Java source files
as defined in The Java Language Specification into the
bytecoded instruction set and binary format defined in
The Java Virtual Machine Specification (Addison-Wesley, 1996).

Changes incorporated in this update
Jikes has updated the Linux Libc5 binary.

Speech for Java

Speech for Java is a Java programming interface for incorporating
IBM's ViaVoice speech technology into user interfaces. Speech for
Java supports voice command recognition, dictation, and text-to-speech
synthesis, based on IBM's ViaVoice technology

Changes incorporated in this update
Speech for Java has released a
maintenance update.

[A Java programming interface for incorporating
IBM's ViaVoice speech technology into user

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