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Subject: IBM Electronic Publishing Package for the World Wide Web Announced
Date: 8 May 1995 18:15:17 GMT
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IBM Electronic Publishing Package for the World Wide Web Announced

April 17, 1995

The IBM Electronic Publishing Package for the World Wide Web made a
public appearance at Internet World '95 last week, when IBM announced
new products and services for conducting business on the Internet.

Developed at the Software Solutions Research Triangle Park Laboratory,
and currently in beta test, the package will consist of a compiler that
accepts files from common word processors and a server that posts
documents, books or entire libraries on the Internet.

This combination of technologies will offer Net surfers, using popular
browsers, higher document quality and expanded search capabilities.
Documents will be converted dynamically to HTML for presentation,
providing features such as platform portability and hypertext links,
with the added benefits of expanded linguistic-based searching and
complex table support.  In addition, the files will be highly
compressed, allowing 40-60 percent more data to be included on a
server with reduced storage and management requirements.

Beta customer Rich Heber, systems analyst at Deere and Company
headquarters, said sharing information through Internet-type tools
is "a key way" Deere is empowering employees and fostering teamwork.
"IBM's web publishing tools are helping us leverage corporate
information, making it accessible to employees across multiple sites
via the Net."