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SGML: IBM Book Manager, New Products

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In response to your attached request, I want to tell you about
BookManager products which are yet unannounced, but would make for
interested addition to your SGML HomePage.

BookManager is currently developing two products which may be of
interest to the Homepage.

1. BkMgr Build SGML.  This product will accept SGML built
   documents and build them into BkMgr books.  The product will
   accept any DTD.  The user must identify the actions that the
   various tags will require and therefor must be mapped to our
   internal format.  The product will include an attribute mapping
   function to help with this.  However, some DTD mappings will be
   provided with the product for customers who use the more common

2. BkMgr BookServer.  This product will read any BkMgr
   book and serve it across the Internet.  The book can then be
   read using any HTLM browser (Mosaic, IBM WebExplorer, etc).
   The books do not have to be reformatted first.  They are read
   and reformatted as they are delivered.

   Since you can build BkMgr books with a wide variety of source
   formats (BkMaster, MS Word, WordPerfect and soon SGML, AmiPro,
   and FrameMaker) this becomes a powerful tool for sending books
   across the internet.

I can provide more information on both of these two products.

Helen Carter
BkMgr Planner