ANNOUNCEMENT: Interactive Grove Guide Available

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 13:10:16 -0600 (CST)
From: (Alex Milowski)
Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: Interactive Grove Guide Available

I have made the "Interactive Grove Guide" available on the Copernican Solutions Incorporated web site at:

- and -

This is a new version of the Grove Guide that is far more complete and has been updated with the SGML property set as defined in the latest HyTime standard.

It is also an example of a dynamic down-translation server program written completely in Java (no Scheme!) and it uses the DAE Server and DAE SDK.

The source code and DAE Server can be found at the DAE SDK and DAE Server products page at:

All you DSSSLers out there might find this a useful reference. I didn't develop it as demo for the DAE at first. I developed it so I could read and research the SGML property set for DSSSL development. Subsequent to that, it became a nice demo of the DAE SDK and DAE Server.

R. Alexander Milowski
Copernican Solutions Incorporated                  (612) 379 - 3608

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