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I for I: integrating SGML

Making its initial appearance at a Seybold event, Infrastructures for Information offers application development tools, integrated database-driven information-management systems, and a variety of services that meet corporate requirements for the electronic development, management and distribution of information.

It will show its S4-Browser configured for Word 6, which permits browsing, review and electronic annotation of SGML documents using standard off-the-shelf tools. It uses these applications as "presentation" tools to provide formatting, printing and content searching while maintaining SGML as a consistent underlying data format and adding SGML browsing and electronic review services.

Other modules in the S4 suite are the S4-Editor, a full-function SGML editor configured for Word 6; S4-PDF, which embeds SGML into PDF files; and S4-DB, an ODBC-compliant set of routines that provides SGML services and validation.