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From: Paul Hermans <Paul_Hermans@PROTEXT.BE>
Subject:      ANNOUNCE : HyTime workshop
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ANNOUNCE : HyTime Workshop organised by SGML BeLux, the
belgian-luxembourgian chapter of the international SGML users' group

Date : Wednesday 28 February from 14u till 17.30h.
Place : Sema, Stallestraat 96, 1180 Brussels, Belgium


14u-14u10 : welcome

14u10-15u : introduction to HyTime (Arjan Loeffen, Vakgroep Computer &
Letteren, RUU, Utrecht,

15u-15u10 : break

15u10 - 16u : HyTime-compliant hypermedia application descriptions: the
MIPS experience (Alfred Bruffaerts, Sema,

This presentation will explain how HyTime has been used within the MIPS
project (ESPRIT project 6542) to represent in an open and
platform-independent way, hypermedia presentations and report generators.
The innovating characteristics of the MIPS approach is to seperate
completely the navigation structure from its presentation and to introduce
a concept of description template which allows the automatic integration of
external datasets within a hypermedia report.
The presentation will also describe some of the problems we met and some of
the lessons we learned and will draw some conclusions about the usefulness
of the HyTime standard.

16-16u10 : break

16u10-17u : A HyTime compliant interchange format for the Amsterdam
Hypermedia Model (Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Lynda Hardman

A HyTime-compliant interchange format for hypermedia documents created by
the CMIFed environment is proposed. CMIFed is an authoring and presentation
environment for manipulating CMIF (CWI Multimedia Interchange Format)
documents, where CMIF is based on the Amsterdam Hypermedia Model, which
extends the Dexter HyperText Reference Model.

HyTime architectural forms are used to encapsulate as much as possible the
structure of CMIF documents. In this way, CMIF documents could be processed
by any (future) HyTime-compliant system and documents created in other
systems corresponding to the proposed HyTime document type definition could
be played back by other CMIF players.

17-17.30u : reception

Registration fee:
1.000 BF (33 US$) for SGML BeLux members
3.000 BF (100 US$) others.

Please register at our secretariat :

Paul Hermans
Pro Text
Interleuvenlaan 62
3001 Leuven
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+32/16/40 66 91 (fax)
71140,2011 (Compuserve)

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