HyTime '98: The Fifth International HyTime Conference

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HyTime '98


Call for Papers

(immediately preceded by Eliot Kimber's HyTime Course)
(immediately followed by XML Developers' Day)

[Note: The "International HyTime Conference" is now called the Metastructures [1998] Conference. See the MetaStructures 1998 conference entry. -- rcc/19980528.]

The 1998 International Conference on the Application of HyTime will be held at the Le Centre Sheraton Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, during August 17-19, 1998.

HyTime is one of the SGML family of ISO standards for information representation and interchange. HyTime is the only internationally standard way to represent hypermedia documents, and, with its object structure modeling capabilities, which undergird the "grove" paradigm used in SGML, XML, and DSSSL, it is unarguably the most general, abstract, and advanced way to use SGML and XML, and to re-use the components of all kind of content information in every way.

This conference brings together HyTime users, prospective HyTime users, systems vendors, systems integrators, applications developers, consultants, and researchers to compare notes, share lore and experience, ask questions, consider answers, and have a stimulating time in a relaxed and remarkably intimate atmosphere. These annual GCA-sponsored conferences on HyTime are unique opportunities for everyone who wants to explore the cutting edge of content management methodology and technology.

For information on attending the conference, please contact the GCA at 100 Daingerfield Road, 4th Floor, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2228 (tel: +1 703 519 8160, fax: +1 703 548 2867, Telex: 510-600-0899). The GCA's Web site is http://www.gca.org.

The conference will be preceded by Eliot Kimber's famous one-day HyTime course on August 17.

Paper abstracts and presentation proposals should be submitted to either of the conference co-chairs, Steven R. Newcomb or Carla Corkern:

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