SGML: IHC97, XML Developers Day, Tutorials

IHC97, XML Developers Day, Tutorials

Subject: IHC97, XML Developers Day, Tutorials
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 12:54:19 -0400
Newsgroup: comp.text.sgml
---------------------------------------------------------------- PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT --- WATCH FOR FURTHER DETAILS! GCA presents...... THE 4th INTERNATIONAL HYTIME CONFERENCE TUTORIALS XML DEVELOPER+S DAY August 19-20, 1997 Le Centre Sheraton Hotel Montreal, Quebec, Canada IHC+97 -- 4th International HyTime Conference Conference Chair: Steve Newcomb, President, TechnoTeacher, Inc. HyTime is one of the SGML family of ISO standards for information representation and interchange. HyTime is the only internationally standard way to represent hypermedia documents, and, with its object structure modeling capabilities, which undergird the "grove" paradigm used in SGML (including XML) and DSSSL, it is unarguably the most general, abstract, and advanced way to use SGML, and to re-use information of all kinds in every way. This conference brings together HyTime users, prospective HyTime users, systems vendors, systems integrators, applications developers, consultants, and researchers to compare notes, share lore, ask questions, and develop answers. These annual GCA-sponsored conferences on HyTime are unique opportunities for everyone who wants to explore the cutting edge of practical hypermedia information interchange. For questions and more information on attending the conference, please contact the GCA at 100 Daingerfield Road, 4th Floor, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-2228 (Telephone: +1 703 519 8160, Fax: +1 703 548 2867 or visit GCA's Web site at A technical conference for XML developers will be held Thursday, August 21, in Montreal, Canada. The event will immediately follow four days of tutorials and the IHC+97 sessions. XML DEVELOPERS DAY Chair: Jon Bosak, Sun Microsystems XML Developers Day is a single-track event devoted entirely to technical reports on the latest developments in XML implementation. If you are engaged in the development of any software that works with XML -- converters, parsers, servers, clients, or XML-based vertical applications -- here is your chance to share your work with an audience that can understand and appreciate it. The XML specification includes a subset of DSSSL, so implementors of DSSSL tools that work with XML are invited to report on their efforts as well. Vendors of commercial tools can participate, but they must confine their presentations to the technical aspects of current XML products in development. Table space will be made available for the distribution of product announcements and commercial literature. If you would like to give a report at this event, please send a paragraph or two describing your presentation, based on a conservative estimate of the status of your project as it will stand on August 21, to Marion Elledge of the GCA ( Also include a description of the audio-visual equipment you will need for your presentation. Since we want up-to-the-minute reports on activities in progress, there will be no published proceedings, and therefore you need not submit your entire presentation in advance. But please try to make your forecasted description as accurate as possible so that the conference organizers can choose the most interesting and relevant submissions. Demonstrations of running software will be given special consideration. The deadline for submissions is July 1, 1997. Tutorials -- Sunday and Monday, August 17-18 Eliot Kimber's HyTime Course* Introduction To XML Practical Formatting Using DSSSL *All HyTime beginners are urged to attend this course. It will provide the understandings needed to participate fully in the conference. Eliot Kimber+s HyTime Course Instructor: Eliot Kimber, Senior Consulting Engineer, Highland Consulting In this tutorial, Mr. Kimber introduces the key concepts in HyTime, including hyperlinking, addressing, architectures, groves, and property sets while also providing practical instruction on how to declare HyTime-conforming element types and create HyTime documents. The sessions include many working demonstrations using a variety of HyTime tools, all of which students may take with them at the end of the course. Introduction to Extensible Markup Language (XML) Instructor: Tim Bray, co-editor of XML, Principal, Textuality XML, the Extensible Markup Language, is a true subset of SGML designed for use on the Internet. It supports all the structural and validation features expected from SGML. The name emphasizes the key features expected from SGML. The name emphasizes the key features as it will be seen by an HTML user -- the ability to define new tags and attributes. This tutorial reviews the XML specification to to bottom. Attendees go away with a complete understanding of the XML specification at a level sufficient enough to construct a parser, as well as the motivation for all aspects of the design. Practical Formatting Using DSSSL Instructor: Ken Holman, Crane Softwrights Ltd. "Practical Formatting Using DSSSL" introduces the concepts and formatting basics of the Document Style Semantics and Specification Language using the publicly available James' Awesome DSSSL Engine program. The course combines the use of lectures and hands-on exercises to convey the material. Attendees are invited to bring a Windows'95- or Windows'NT-equipped personal computer for the practical exercises. The objectives of the course are to understand the role of the DSSSL standard and the utility of the JADE application, to successfully write DSSSL programs and to efficiently navigate the available documentation and resources. Pre-requisites: Attendees must have knowledge of SGML concepts and syntax, as this is not covered explicitly in the course. To participate in the hands-on exercises using JADE, they must have either Windows'95 or Windows'NT. Attendees will be informed of a number of resources that are freely available from the Internet that are required, though copies will be made available at the course. It does help to have some computer programming experience to do the exercises, though this is not mandatory as non-programmers are given complete solutions to research in place of deriving the exercise solutions on their own. HyTime/DSSSL/XML Developers: Time will be alloted during the week for demonstration of existing products or products in development to support HyTime, XML, and DSSSL. If you are interested in participating, please contact Marion Elledge at GCA. Telephone: +1 703/519-8193 or email: Hotel Information Le Centre Sheraton Hotel is located at 1201, Boulevard Rene Levesque Quest in Montreal, Quebec. GCA has negotiated a conference room rate of $130 single/ $160 double Canadian dollars. These rates are exclusive of provincial and federal sales taxes. For reservations, call the hotel directly at (514) 878-2000, Fax (514) 878-8214 and identify yourself as a GCA/HyTime/XML attendee. The cut-off date for reservations is July 25. After that date, reservations are on a space/rate availability. Registration Information To Register Contact: Graphic Communications Association 100 Daingerfield Road Alexandria, VA 22314-2888 USA Phone: +1 703/519-8160 or in the US call 1-800-SGML-GCA FAX: +1 703/548-2867 with credit card information Web site: IHC+97/Tutorial/XML Developers Registration IHC+97 Fees: GCA Nonmember: $645 GCA Member: $505 Tutorials: Eliot Kimbers Hytime Course Fees (two-day course): Sunday-Monday, August 17-18 GCA Nonmember $735 GCA Member $560 XML Tutorial (one-day course): Monday, August 18 GCA Nonmember $375 GCA Member $280 Practical Formatting Using DSSSL (one-day course): Monday, August 18 GCA Nonmember $375 GCA Member $280 XML Developers Day GCA Nonmember $325 GCA Member $200 DISCOUNT: Take 10% off total fees if you register for any tutorial, IHC+97, and the XML Developers Day. THIS EVENT IS CO-SPONSORED BY GCA AND SGML OPEN