SGML: Hyper-G

SGML: Hyper-G

Article: 9206 of comp.text.sgml
From: (Daniel D Suthers)
Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml
Subject: HYPER-G Server: Have you used it?
Date: 24 May 1995 02:28:21 GMT
Organization: LRDC, University of Pittsburgh
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I would like to hear from folks who have used the Hyper-G server: what you
used it for, what you think of it, etc.  In particular, have you tried using
it with documents of your own DTD? Done other stuff with its SGML

Please reply directly via email. 

(Hyper-G is a hypermedia server with clients in X11 and Windows. Unlike HTML,
it keeps links in a separate database, so you can link from/to arbitrary
partsof arbitrary media types, follow links in both directions, guarantee link
consistency, etc. It uses SGML, and can convert to HTML on the fly to serve to
WWW clients. As far as I can tell from a demo at CHI95 it is very impressive,
and representative of the next generation of "Web" technology to come once
everyone realizes what's wrong with HTML. 
  For further info see

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