Subject: HyperText as it was meant to be
Date: 28 Mar 1996 15:58:14 GMT<br>

Now you can read about SGML/HyTime in an electronic document that is
itself marked up in SGML/HyTime!

The latest version of the HyTime Application Development Guide (HADG)
is now available as an SGML document. The markup is based on a variant
of the DocBook DTD; the DTD is included with the distribution. The
document has been prepared for reading under SoftQuad's Panorama, which
supports a subset of the linking and addressing mechanisms defined in
the HyTime standard. A Panorama style sheet, navigator, and web file
are all included. All cross references and annotations are based on
link elements contained in the web file.  Users will need Panorama Pro
to access the links, as the free version of Panorama does not support
mounting web files.

The files are installed on TechnoTeacher's site at:
<a href=""></a>. The files can be downloaded as a .zip file
for local access. Alternatively, if you have Panorama installed as a
helper application to a web browser, you can use the web browser to
download the files and display them in Panorama. If you have Panorama
Pro, be sure and download the web file (hadg.web) first and save it
before downloading the document itself.

Questions and comments are welcome!

Ralph E. Ferris
Project Manager, Electronic Publications
Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions, Inc.