HYNET Technologies Declares XML Support and Adds Expert to Management Team

HYNET Utilizes XML Technology for "Write Once, Publish Many" Paradigm

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., June 23 - HYNET Technologies Inc., developer of a dynamic electronic publishing solution that combines document management technology with unique electronic publishing capabilities, today announced that present and future releases of its digital corporate publishing system will utilize Extensible Mark-Up Language (XML). HYNET's commitment to XML is further enhanced by the appointment of Bryan K. Caporlette to the position of director of product development. Mr. Caporlette is a recognized SGML/XML expert with over 10 years experience developing and implementing document management, workflow, and web publishing systems.

By utilizing XML, HYNET's system allows organizations to simultaneously create, view, publish, and reuse information in multiple word processing applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe FrameMaker. Information publishers can distribute information across the organization, publishing to the Internet, the company intranet, and CD-ROM without having to create new files. And unlike most publishing systems, the HYNET system allows readers to do more than simply view documents. Anyone with appropriate access can create personalized knowledge libraries by selecting and organizing information in a way most useful to him or her. The HYNET system will automatically generate tables of contents, indexing, and hyperlinks to provide full-text searching for each new collection of information.

"XML's ability to model information from multiple source formats and document types into a common format without losing document integrity makes it much more powerful than HTML," said Bryan Caporlette. "And unlike SGML, it has the support of leading software vendors to ensure that it becomes the standard for web-based publishing."

The HYNET system is designed to provide its clients with the benefits of XML seamlessly, without requiring users to become XML experts. Document structure is captured and preserved at a user-defined level of granularity, by reusable information units rather than files. This ability to create dynamic, reusable information allows organizations to achieve the "write once, publish many" paradigm. For example, a set of technical manuals can be published across multiple media and reused to create other types of documentation in the end-user's preferred word processing application, saving organizations operational costs, time, and resources.

"The power and flexibility afforded by XML are making support for the standard a requirement for users who are developing applications that include Web delivery of documents and data," said Mary Laplante, Director at CAP Ventures, Inc., a strategic consulting and research firm that tracks the markets for document technologies. "HYNET's integrated management and publishing solution will offer them the ability to really leverage the value of XML, from content storage to output."

"XML gives the HYNET system an unprecedented level of flexibility. It is the only electronic publishing system that dynamically manages, converts, and publishes information regardless of the source, destination or user preference," said Daniel Chang, founder and president of HYNET. "We are very pleased that Bryan has joined our team. He has been instrumental in the evolution of electronic publishing as both a developer and user of SGML/XML-based systems."

Prior to joining HYNET, Mr. Caporlette held various product management positions at companies such as ARINC Incorporated, Open Text Corporation, and Passage Systems, Inc. Mr. Caporlette won the Chief Scientist Award and the Technical Achievement Award for the creation of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) DTD, and is a regular presenter at various SGML/XML conferences. He has also published articles in the CALS Journal. Mr. Caporlette received a BS in Systems Analysis at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., HYNET Technologies provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution that combines traditional document management functionality - such as simultaneous and secured check-in/check-out, revision history, full-text searching, and compound document management - with dynamic electronic publishing capabilities. The HYNET system has enabled corporations to reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and improve knowledge sharing by efficiently managing, publishing, and reusing information across the Internet, corporate intra/extranets, and CD-ROM. For more information on HYNET and its products, please send an email to info@hynet.com, or visit HYNET on the Internet at www.hynet.com.

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