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HSEI Membership

Kirk Lowery

Kirk Lowery currently teaches at the Baptist Theological Seminary, Budapest. He has been actively involved with the Computer-Assisted Research Group (CARG) of the Society of Biblical Literature. His interest is principally the syntactic basis of Hebrew discourse.

Alan Groves

Alan Groves is professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He and his team produced MORPH, the morphologically analyzed Hebrew Bible and the basis for what the project will be doing. He is very involved with BHQ, the new critical text being produced by the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, as well as a member of the Werkgroep Informatica (Free University, Amsterdam). For many years he was chair of the Computer-Assisted Research Group (CARG) of the SBL. Alan Groves is also a general editor of The Journal of Bible and Computing.

Richard Whitaker

Richard Whitaker at Princeton Seminary is one of the early leaders in the application of computers to Biblical studies. He is perhaps best known for A Concordance of the Ugaritic Literature, Harvard University Press (1972).

Vincent DeCaen

Vincent DeCaen is a recent graduate of the Near Eastern Studies program, University of Toronto (1995), where he retains a postdoctoral student status. His interest is primarily generative grammar, with applications to Biblical Hebrew and cognates. He will be responsible for the actual marking of the text.
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