showtree.xsl - Exposing the Node Structure of an Instance

Date:      Tue, 19 Jan 1999 16:21:17 -0500
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Subject:   Ann: showtree.xsl - Exposing the node structure of an instance

showtree.xsl - Exposing the node structure of an instance

This stylesheet showtree.xsl is useful for learning the node structure created by an XSL engine for a given instance. It has been tested on XT 19990115 as matching the 19981216 working draft.

This stylesheet will report the node structure and content of an input document, noting the ordinal positions in the hierarchy of each component of the ancestry.

This stylesheet exposes root, element, attribute, text, comment, and pi nodes.

This stylesheet does not (cannot?) expose the namespace nodes (only other kinds of node).

For example, given the XML instance:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?pi1 value of pi1?>
<!--comment number 1-->
  pub-id="+//ISBN 1-894049::CSL::Samples::SHOWTREE//Document SHOWTREE
  attr2="Value of second attribute">
<purpose>To convey a greeting</purpose>
<test1>A test<test2>of depth<test3>to three levels</test3></test2></test1>
<!--comment number 2-->
<prelude id="start" xmlns:info="">
<?pi2 value of pi2?>
<info:detail>Information about Greeting</info:detail>
<value>Hello world!</value>


The resulting output is as follows (note that mailers may interfere with
the display of long lines below):

SHOWTREE Stylesheet -
1  Proc. Inst. 'pi1' (root): {value of pi1}
2  Comment (root): {comment number 1}
3  Element 'greeting' (root):
3.1  Attribute 'pub-id' (greeting): {+//ISBN
1-894049::CSL::Samples::SHOWTREE//Document SHOWTREE Test//EN}
3.2  Attribute 'attr2' (greeting): {Value of second attribute}
3.3  Text (greeting): {
3.4  Element 'purpose' (greeting):
3.4.1  Text (greeting,purpose): {To convey a greeting}
3.5  Text (greeting): {
3.6  Element 'test1' (greeting):
3.6.1  Text (greeting,test1): {A test}
3.6.2  Element 'test2' (greeting,test1):  Text (greeting,test1,test2): {of depth}  Element 'test3' (greeting,test1,test2):  Text (greeting,test1,test2,test3): {to three levels}
3.7  Text (greeting): {
3.8  Comment (greeting): {comment number 2}
3.9  Text (greeting): {
3.10  Element 'prelude' (greeting):
3.10.1  Attribute 'id' (greeting,prelude): {start}
3.10.2  Text (greeting,prelude): {
3.10.3  Proc. Inst. 'pi2' (greeting,prelude): {value of pi2}
3.10.4  Text (greeting,prelude): {
3.10.5  Element ''
(greeting,prelude):  Text
{Information about Greeting}
3.10.6  Text (greeting,prelude): {
3.11  Text (greeting): {
3.12  Element 'value' (greeting):
3.12.1  Text (greeting,value): {Hello world!}
3.13  Text (greeting): {


The stylesheet can be obtained from the resources link below.

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