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HoTMetaL PRO Just Got HoTTer

We've turned up the heat with HoTMetaL PRO. It now has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, WYSIWYG display, ready-to-use templates, sample files, graphical frames editor, multimedia support, inline forms display, and colour wheels for font and background.

New Features:

Drag and Drop

Now moving and copying portions of your document is even easier. Drag and drop files, hypertext links, images, and text into and around your document.


See how your document looks while you edit it with HoTMetaL PRO 3.0's WYSIWYG enhancements including a Netscape Frames editor, graphically displayed background colours, forms, lists, and browser-specific style sheets for edit mode.

Hundreds of Templates and Sample Files

Get your pages up on the Web quickly: just open a template and start typing. Choose from the dozens of expertly designed Web pages: personal homepages, intranet pages, resumes, company pages, press releases, travel schedules, order forms and more. Enhance your Website with hundreds of multimedia files that include backgrounds, borders, buttons, Web art, Java and Shockwave files, ready to go forms and CGI scripts.

Frames Editor

Want a frame in your document? HoTMetaL PRO 3.0 lets you work with frames seamlessly in a WYSIWYG environment, from sizing frames to dragging and dropping Web pages into different frames.

Expanded Multimedia Support

Add audio, video, Microsoft ActiveX (OLE), and Shockwave to your Web pages. Drag and drop Java applets into your pages, or embed Java scripts. Start from scratch or use one of the hundreds of samples and templates included.


In HoTMetaL PRO 3.0, you can see your forms while you author your pages. Add WYSIWYG check boxes, pull-down menus, radio buttons, or any other form element to your pages from a convenient toolbar. Sample templates and CGI scripts included.

Font and Background
Colour Palettes

Stop battling with hexadecimal colour codes. With HoTMetaL PRO 3.0's new RGB colour wheel, you can just point to the colour of font or background you want, and click. HoTMetaL PRO displays the colours inline.

New Tutorials and HTML Online Help

Stuck on how to do the latest Web effects? Follow the step-by-step How-To guides and extensive online help right in HoTMetaL PRO 3.0 and you'll soon be using Java, Frames, Forms, Client-Pull, and more.

Built-In Graphics Editing with MetalWorks

HoTMetaL PRO comes with a built-in graphics editor, so you can now create image maps, transparent images, buttons, and make your graphics Web-ready, all without leaving your document.

And Much More...

In addition to all these features, you'll love all the general improvements to HoTMetaL PRO 3.0, including a new toolbar, right-mouse button functionality, easier attribute and URL editing, longer filename support, browser-specific preview buttons, and more.

And as always, HoTMetaL PRO Features:

Free Updates to the Latest Extensions and HTML 3.2 support

As Web publishing develops, SoftQuad updates HoTMetaL PRO with rules files that you can download from our Website. All browsers' extensions appear regularly on the SoftQuad Website.

Automatic Word Processing Conversion

Get your legacy and word-processing documents up on the web easily. Simply open your existing Word, Wordperfect, or AMI PRO documents in HoTMetaL PRO and they'll be converted automatically into Web pages. Many other file formats also supported.

Multiple Browser Preview

Not everyone on the web uses the same browser. While HoTMetaL PRO does allow you to work in a WYSIWYG environment, you'll want to know exactly what your documents look like in a variety of browsers. HoTMetaL PRO allows you to preview your documents in any browser, right from the toolbar.

Word Processing Tools

With comprehensive spell checking, you'll catch all your typos; with an extensive thesaurus you'll be able to develop written material without switching between applications; and with search and replacement tools you'll be able to manage and manipulate the content of your document according to straight text or HTML markup.

Guaranteed Error Free Documents and Browser-Specific Validation

HoTMetaL has a continuous automatic rules-checker that actually prevents you from creating invalid HTML documents. With automatic rules checking, you'll spend less time de-bugging your HTML and you'll be guaranteed your documents will display correctly. If you want to know which kind of browser will be able to display your document properly, simply validate your document using HoTMetaL PRO. HoTMetaL PRO will tell you which level of HTML you are using and which extensions you are using so you can make your pages work with the browsers you want them to work with.

Free Technical Support

As a registered HoTMetaL PRO 2.0 user, you're entitled to unlimited free support for 30 days. If you're having trouble with your web pages, call or email our support staff during business hours for professional one-on-one consultation, or explore the extensive up to the minute Website Support Centre for privileged access to FAQs, tips, style guides, and references.

HoTMetaL PRO 3.0: Place your order today at the new low price of $159 US, or upgrade for only $69 US.

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