SGML: HL7 SGML Mixer: Annoucement and Call for Participation

HL7 SGML Mixer: Annoucement and Call for Participation

Subject: HL7 SGML Mixer: Annoucement and Call for Participation
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 20:42:18 -0400
From: Liora Alschuler <>
Newsgroup: comp.text.sgml
------------------------------------------------------------------- ************ CALL FOR PARTICIPATION *************** HL7 SGML Mixer: Medical Information Processing with SGML ************ July 29 -- 30 ************** ************ La Jolla California ************** This announcement is a Call for Participation in the upcoming "HL7 SGML Mixer: Medical Information Processing with SGML," a two-day seminar to take place Tuesday -- Wednesday, July 29--30, at the Lodge at Torrey Pines, La Jolla, California. There will be a social hour on Monday night the 28th. The event is cosponsored by: * GCARI (Graphic Communications Association Research Institute; * HL7 SGML SIG (Health Level 7, SGML Special Interest Group; * SGMLOpen ( NOTE BENE: 1. The date of the Mixer is now five days later than earlier announced to avoid a scheduling conflict. 2. The focus of the Mixer is now broader than government-mandated electronic claims processing, as originally announced. The US Health Care Financing Administration is working closely with standards bodies, including HL7, to meet this mandate. There will not be an RFP addressing medical claims processing. There are, however, substantial opportunities to address and expand this mandate. A Briefing on these opportunities follows this CFP and will be posted on the websites of the three sponsoring organizations. PARTICIPATION: There are three types of participation: 1. Attendance 2. Presentation 3. Technology demonstration All aspects of the event are open to all participants, regardless of affiliation. AUDIENCE: This event is designed for: * Healthcare providers and payers. * SGML and XML technology vendors * Medical technology vendors * Those interested in the use of structured information for medical records AGENDA: The two-day session in intended to transfer information in two directions: * From the SGML community into the healthcare community: * From the healthcare community to the SGML community: Presentations and tabletop demonstrations will: 1) Showcase use of SGML tools and technology to create, manage, link, query, distribute, and display medical records 2) Educate the SGML community about the state-of-the-art in electronic medical records and non-SGML standards efforts 3) Introduce designers of SGML solutions to the special needs and requirements operative within the medical environment. 4) Address the manner in which HL7 and other medical standards organizations, including X12N, can use SGML-based tools and technology Opportunities to employ SGML and document-based technology exist across healthcare. The new healthcare legislation presents some specific challenges that SGML may address. (A briefing on the automated claims attachment requirement portion of the new legislation is provided for those who wish to create scenario addressing this requirement is attached and is posted to our web site.) Several background papers and demonstration DTDs for healthcare are posted on the HL7 SGML SIG Website. FORMAT: Presentations, Tabletops, Working Sessions Each day will start with a keynote speaker addressing the current requirements of medical informatics and where SGML can fit into the picture. After a kick-off session, two tracks may run concurrently, one directed at management issues and a second at technical solutions. Approximately four hours will be set aside for table-top technology demonstrations. The two-day session will conclude with HL7 SGML SIG working sessions to focus on where the SIG goes from here, SGML and XML architectures for healthcare, and how we can work more closely with both the HL7 and SGML communities. These sessions are open to all, with the caveat that active participants should be well versed in the work and objectives of HL7 and the HL7 SGML SIG. (All are welcome to observe and to become active.) Presentations will be chosen by a peer review process with members of all three organizations participating. The table-top demonstrations are open to all for a small fee. SUBMISSIONS FOR PRESENTATIONS: Proposals for 30-minute solo presentations should included the following: * Title and description of topic * Background of presenter * Name, affiliation and full contact information Proposals for 60-minute panels should include the following: * Title and theme of panel * Title and description of each presentation * Background of each presenter * Name, affiliation and full contact information for panel leader Descriptions should be between 150 and 400 words. Submit your presentation proposal to: Hard copy proposals will be accepted, and hard copy registration forms are available, but electronic submissions are preferred. Submit hard copy presentation proposals to and request hard copy registration forms from: Mixer Marion Elledge GCA 100 Daingerfield Rd. Alexandria, VA 22314-2888 703/519/8193 703/548-2867 (fax) Submissions for presentations are due June 27 Notification of acceptance will be sent out by July 7. LOGISTICS: Registration is $375 for the two-day conference, or $325 for members of the sponsoring organizations. Table top space can be reserved for $200, or $100 for members of the sponsoring organizations. Register online at: (the registration form will be posted June 17) Reserve table top space with Marion Elledge at or 703/519-8193, 703/548-2867 (fax) For hotel reservations, contact The Lodge at Torrey Pines, and identify yourself as part of the HL7 SGML Mixer. 800/995-4507 619/453-4420 619/453-7464 (fax) 11480 No. Torrey Pines Road La Jolla, CA 92037