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HealthMagic, Inc.

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Unique Intranet-Based Communication Management Application Delivers Complex Information While Continuing to be User-Friendly

AAHP, BOSTON, MA, June 14, 1998 - HealthMagic, Inc. will release its new version of CorporateCompass™ -- which now features XML technology (Extensible Markup Language), an emerging standard on the Web -- at the American Association of Health Plans' Institute & Display Forum in Boston.

CorporateCompass 2.01, an Intranet-based management communication system, creates a virtual community for health care agencies by electronically communicating key internal news, data, and corporate-wide information and activities to all its members. CorporateCompass now utilizes the next generation of web technology to bring a new level of efficiency to all of the data management applications of a health care agency.

"We've designed CorporateCompass 2.01 with the XML data format to enable health care agency networks to communicate seamlessly and efficiently while handling large, complex data," said Nelson Hazeltine, chief technology officer, HealthMagic, Inc. "XML allows CorporateCompass to keep data separate from display instructions. These reusable instructions are downloaded to a user's PC just once, rather than with each data request. This reduces network traffic by an order of magnitude which means significantly cheaper Intranet and modem connections while at the same time boosting system responsiveness for the user."

CorporateCompass features include access to company documents, presentations, procedures, policies and dockets. Users can also electronically publish company calendars, albums and newsletters to keep employees up-to-date on activities. A personal element to CorporateCompass is the People Pages feature which lets each employee create their own home page, including a photo, job description, qualifications, certifications, and more. Staff can also keep an electronic index of contacts and business resources for easy to access.

There are several advantages that XML offers over traditional usage of HTML, including the capability to optimally show an agency's data on a networked PC without burdening the company's database server with display formatting chores. This is possible without sacrificing flexibility, a major advantage of web-based software over standard applications. For example, a health care agency can track all of its physicians' licensing dates, and CorporateCompass' web-based display will dynamically accommodate all of the entries. Windows®-based applications are more rigid, usually only displaying a set number of entries regardless of how many there are.

XML also enables engineers to efficiently check health care and financial data for internal consistency and completeness. This is especially important if the data received from sources is external to the system such as an insurance agency.

"Combining XML with other leading-edge technology used by HealthMagic, such as DHTML, Java-Script and VBScript, we're pushing the bar to build a more communicative healthcare industry," said Hazeltine.

HealthMagic, Inc. is a developer of innovative information management tools for the healthcare industry. HealthMagic's mission is to be the premier developer of healthcare knowledge tools by combining the power of web-based technology with intelligent agents to provide specific, targeted information users on a one-to-one individual basis. Additional products include CareCompass™, an Intranet-based information management system for home health agencies and networks, and HealthCompass™, an Internet-based consumer health information management product. Management, sales and marketing operations are located at the company's corporate headquarters in Denver, CO. Technology development is located at the company's Technology Center in Columbia, SC.

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For more product information: www.carecompass.com or call 800/303-8556 ext. 99

CorporateCompass™, HealthCompass™, CareCompass™ are trademarks of HealthMagic, Inc.
Windows® is registered trademark of Microsoft, Corp.

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