New Tool: GroveView SGML Document Grove Viewer

Posted to CTS
Title: New Tool: GroveView SGML Document Grove Viewer
Author: "W. Eliot Kimber" <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 16:25:05 -0600


As an experiment in using the groveoa.dll provided with the Jade
package, I've created a little Visual Basic toy that creates an
interactive tree view of an SGML document grove. This might be useful to
people creating advanced DSSSL specs or for people trying to better
understand groves and the SGML property set.

This is the first version of the program, so it's a little rough.  I'm
not yet conversant with the subtlties of distributing Visual Basic
applications, so the package is quite large (5.5Meg) because it includes
all the stuff you might need (but probably don't).

You can find the package on the ISOGEN Web site at Source (VB5) is available on
request from me (

My thanks to James Clark for taking the time to make the groveoa.dll
(which made it possible for me to quick whack out this VB app) and to
Larry Robertson for providing lots of useful info on how to integrate
groveoa.dll with VB5 (see: