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 A New Enterprise Application Integration Software Solution

ORLANDO, FL (February 23, 1999) - Today, at Solutions ’99 User Group Conference, GE Information Services introduced GE InterLinx, a multipurpose message brokering system.  GE InterLinx enables businesses to centralize, expand and manage their Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) initiatives, as well as address Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) gateway requirements.  This engine, which operates on the Windows NT platform, saves companies time and money by simplifying the complex integration of information between business applications.  GE InterLinx’s unique XML (eXtensible Markup Language) capability identifies XML objects, parses and mailboxes, and routes them to applications that support XML.  

“There has been explosive growth of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementations among our clients. They now need to integrate ERP systems with legacy systems, other ERP systems and supply chain management systems.  EC Gateways must evolve to meet this new set of technical requirements which include utilizing new technologies for data transformation, routing, tracking and messaging,” said Harvey Seegers, president and CEO of GE Information Services.  “GE InterLinx is unique in its ability to meet all of these requirements, becoming the central messaging point for converging EC and EAI issues.”

GE InterLinx provides a single point of integration and allows clients to link their ERP systems with legacy applications, extending these applications for electronic commerce exchange with their business partners, and streamlining the entire supply chain. To further streamline ERP integration, GE InterLinx will be certified with the major ERP applicationsDeveloped entirely in JAVA, GE InterLinx is strongly positioned in both the EAI and the EDI/Internet Gateway markets. This new software solution is currently available for sale and will be commercially available on a global basis in the beginning of the second quarter. GE InterLinx not only operates on NT, but is also interoperable with Microsoft’s SiteServer.

GE InterLinx functionality includes:

  • Single-point of integration for the entire enterprise;
  • Java-based, object-oriented architecture;
  • Movement of XML objects;
  • Complete e-commerce gateway and message brokering services;
  • Flexible, user configurable, data processing rules;
  • Intelligent routing;
  • Any-to-any data transformation and EDI translation;
  • End-to-end tracking and auditing; and
  • Robust communications options  including secure Internet communications.

GE Information Services offers gateway solutions that enable companies to manage existing electronic commerce systems, while at the same time establishing an infrastructure that is able to incorporate new technologiesGE InterLinx is differentiated from other EAI tools by its ability to act as a message broker to both intra- and inter- enterprise business applications.  Inter-enterprise needs are addressed by the GE InterLinx solution with extensive EDI Value Added Network connectivity, world-wide EDI standards support, rich Internet protocol support, and its own Web access component to accommodate file transfer and HTML forms.  For Intra-enterprise needs, GE InterLinx provides extensive capabilities to link directly to applications using the ERP certification adapters, FTP and conversational APIs.  In addition, its any-to-any mapping function accommodates data transformation.

GE InterLinx enables users to conduct secure EC over the Internet using SMTP-S/MIME, in accordance with the CommerceNet EDIINT specification.  This S/MIME capability has been tested, and is inter-operable with existing CommerceNet certified products.  GE InterLinx certification is currently in progress.

GE Information Services internetworks companies with their business partners through the power of electronic commerce. As the experts in global electronic commerce, GE delivers a full suite of solutions that streamline the extended supply chain, including Electronic Data Interchange, messaging gateways, Extranets, electronic catalogues, and electronic marketplaces. GE Information Services manages the world's largest electronic community of more than 100,000 trading partners. GE Information Services is part of the General Electric Company, USA and is headquartered in Rockville, MD, USA.  The company’s website is www.geis.com.



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